Opinion: Let’s celebrate selective freedom [35 Years and counting]

The victory of NRM in 1986 was not just a victory of the army but also ideas. This was the same situation in the just concluded elections. Ugandans have now just woken up. About 40% are now producing products for sale” – General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 26th January 2021

There was once a man who promised a ten-point programme. A man who said he was growing the mustard seed and that he was bringing a fundamental change. However, with time this has withered and been proven worthless.

The National Resistance Army (NRA) came with so much promise and change. Nevertheless with all the years in power, their promise and what they have delivered is a vast difference. If the NRA and the early Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) pledges had been put into effect. Then the Republic would have been different. If the NRA/M had cared about what they promised and what they have delivered. Then the sights and the state would be different if the President and his cronies had ensured the promises was kept. However, they have been more self-involved and securing their own futures.

That is why over the years. The ones who has opposed the NRA/M have gotten into trouble. The government have abducted, arbitrary arrests, kidnaps and kills. The state is wrecking havoc on the ones willing to question Museveni and the NRM. This being previously people who stood with Reform Agenda, people who supported the Forum for Democratic Change and now also the ones who is supporting in various ways the National Unity Platform. All of these parties are seeing, feeling and getting violated on a daily basis. Therefore, speaking of freedom and liberty is in a limited space.

This limited space is for the ones who is anointed and the “made men” of the Movement. The ones who are part of the close associates and represents the state. These folks are living high life. The ones who are connected and have the “high above” on speed dial can get whatever they want. If you are one of them. You can kill someone and the case will never be investigated.

That’s why its ironic that he said this today: By 1986, we had been in preparation for over 20 years. We lost a lot of people. The problems you see in NRM now wouldn’t have been there if those people hadn’t died” (Museveni, 26.01.2021).

When he said this he was still a FRONASA and a student in Tanzania, as the General was in exile or diaspora. Where we now know he asked for US support for his cause in 1973. So, the General was scheming to topple Amin early. That happened later when he joined Obote and Nyerere in 1979. After that he was installed to be Minister of Defence, but after an election, which he claimed was filled with fraud. He went into the bush and that is why his celebrating this date every year. As this is the day of his victory. Where he was the victor and he has earned his fortune and massive wealth for years now.

He is also blaming the lack of the people who died is the reason. Not that he has been involved in their demise and even targeted the ones who has had ambition. Several of assassination, questionable poisonings and so fourth. So, if the General doesn’t want these cold-cases investigated. Maybe, he shouldn’t mention them. It is a typical blame game, because his initially saying the ones his surrounded by now is nothing in comparison to the ones he used to have. Butchaman, Kusasira and Full Figure should wish they were like fallen NRA historicals.

Well, we know there is little to celebrate today. There is coming reports of NUP supporters and activists either apprehended or ended up murdered. There are reports of violence and use of fatal force by the authorities. This is done to shield the General and his NRM. They said they wanted to come with change, but they are only delivering the same human rights violations as the predecessors.

So, to celebrate liberation today is tragic. The liberation he has delivered is very selective and very limited. The freedom and liberty is for some, but if you dare to question or challenge the General. You either end behind bars, charged or could be terminated. If your unlucky to participate in a rally or a demonstrations. You life isn’t valued and you could become another fatality. The state will not care and will be proud to have killed you even. That is what the General have said since the Kampala riots and Masaka demonstrations during the campaign period before the polls on the 14th January 2021.

General Museveni …. you have not done what you promised and what you pledged. The ones who died in Luweero didn’t die for this. The ones who went to the bush didn’t risk their lives for this. All the citizens feeding you and your rebels wasn’t thinking this would be the case. You might think you can sell this story, but I will dismiss you. Because, the imprint, the stories and the tales are explicitly telling your lying. We know you know better… but you rather live on a lie, than being blinded by the truth. Peace.

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