NRM Liberation Day 2021: Day 12 since the polls [Bobi Wine’s house still surrounded by Police]

Since 14th January 2021 the National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine been house arrested in his home in Magere, Wakiso district. Yesterday, on the 25th January after 11 days the High Court re-instated his “freedom” and said the authorities should leave his home.

However, during the evening and such. There was reports that Bobi Wine wasn’t free and the authorities still kept soldiers around his home. His still behind bars and a prisoner in his own home. This was all happening in the hours ahead of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Day or the “Liberation Day”, which is today.

The Liberation Day is the celebration of the Victory of the National Resistance Army (NRA). That day is a celebration of winning the bush-war in the 1980s. Where the NRA was able to overcome several of rulers and government. They overcome not only the Obote II, but also others to secure the victory for Museveni.

General Museveni has always compelled himself to others and that his a stark difference to the ones he has toppled.

However, Reuters Africa reports: “Despite a court order that security forces stop surrounding Bobi Wine’s home, the Ugandan opposition leader says he is still unable to leave. David Doyle reports” (Reuters Africa, 26.01.2021).

There is reports earlier this morning that the soldiers have left his home. The Police is still surrounding the home. Muhammad Ssegirinya confirms today that they are in the area and surrounding the home.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga was saying the Police Force would continue to surveillance and monitor every move of Bobi Wine. So, the Police Force is continuing. They are most likely doing what they can and will ensure that his not mobile. The Opposition Leader is still under siege and doubt he just can stroll outside his home.

As long as they are in the nearby area and following him. They are still making him the “enemy of the state”. So, his partially free. As long as he cannot move freely and be at liberty of his own movements.

Am awaiting his total release. Since, I doubt he can walk out without being arrested or detained. That is what I am waiting. Until then, he has limited freedom. It is nice that Bobi Wine can get visitors without to much hassle on Liberation Day. However, I am skeptical that his totally free. Until that is proven. He is limited in his movement and doesn’t have total freedom. As long as you don’t have total freedom and liberty. You are not fully free. Peace.

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