General Museveni will deal with the Opposition the NRA Way

““If you compete and lose and then you say you will take power through other means other than the election, that won’t happen here in Uganda and it will not take long to sort out. We sort out such rubbish the NRA way,” Yoweri Museveni barked while commenting on the deployment at Kyagulanyi’s residence in Magere, Wakiso district. “We will bring down whoever wants to destabilise our peace. We have enough space to accomodate for millions of prisoners,” he warned” (Emmanuel Busingye – ‘Museveni: We will sort Bobi Wine the NRA way’ 25.01.2021,

The General, Head of State and Commander in Chief is really ready to retaliate against the opposition. Nevertheless, Museveni never let them go and off the hook. The President have already ordered his troops, law enforcement and various of agencies to go after the National Unity Platform (NUP) activists, mobilizers, polling agents and candidates. The state has gone after so many and they are beyond reach behind bars. The general public and international community can have no idea of how systemic the abductions, arrests and taking people away.

So, Museveni is just showing his fierce force. The President is showing no remorse and his doing the ills of the ones he overthrow. He is using the same means to stay in power. That is the sick thing here. Tomorrow is supposed to be “Liberation Day”, but who is really liberated? When some of the other citizens are detained for their association with opposition candidates or parties.

When the President says the NRA Way?

Will the 35th Brigade be used towards the People Power Movement and the National Unity Platform (NUP)?

Also, will the President send everyone through the Court Martial and treat Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine like Gen. David Sejusa? Will the state charge him and never retire him from military service?

Will the President send the “Panda Gari” and drop him in Nalufenya or a “Safe House” to be tortured? What is the NRA Way?

The NRA took away all opposition and breached the Nairobi Peace Agreement of 1985. It is not like Bobi Wine have made an agreement with Museveni. No, Museveni is in his own regard. The President is using military language and wanting to use guerrilla tactics against a civilian. Who does that?

General Museveni lives in the bush state of mind. That is his glory days and he wants to live like that again. Instead of bashing in glory. If you are such a victor, why are you threatening your opponent?

Someone needs to reign in this old man. He needs some re-education or be re-instated to society. This old man needs some sensitization and maybe even entertain one of them patriotic programs at Kyankwanzi. Since, he clearly jaded and wants to use guerrilla tactics against civilians. Clear people out the bush-war way in peace-time.

Last, does the NRA way mean the method of assassinations? Since, the NRA did assassinate and kill the ones who was in their way. It also got rid of people in talks and negotiating with the NRA/M in the early stages of power. This was done to consolidate power. Is that another angle or plan of the President?

The NRA Way could mean a lot and the President wants clearly to go to war. Surely, the old man wouldn’t survive in the bush now. The old man wouldn’t get the locals support or help like he did in the 1980s. Since, they are tired of him and knows he doesn’t serve them anyway. That is why it has nearly taken 40 years of power and very little have been given to the people of the Luweero Triangle. Peace.

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