Opinion: Faki Mahamat’s “My Vision” is just rubbish…

The Chairperson of the African Union, Moussa Faki Mahamat is seeking a second term. Today on the 24th January 2021 he dropped a puff piece called “My Vision”. The man must think we haven’t seen him in action or the African Union (AU) in the recent years. How its silent on the things that matters, the conflicts, the human rights violations and how it shields the dictators, tyrants and warlords of continent.

It is just like the Chairperson doesn’t think we have seen what’s going on and if we’re just supposed to look the other way. The “My Vision” from him would be a nice piece, if this was his promise out of the gate. However, this is promise for a second term, which isn’t going to cut it. I’m not buying it.

As Faki Mahamat states: “Enhancing early warning, prevention, promoting African mediation, while reaffirming the principle of African solution to African problems that respect democratic principles and human rights should be, among others, the instruments of this priority” (…) “The ambition of a prosperous Africa must never be forgotten as an essential condition for our priority to silence the guns. I refuse the erroneous label that often portrays our beautiful and diverse Continent as cursed to remain undeveloped for its people” (Faki Mahamat, 24.01.2021).

He also says: “At the top of these themes lies the issue of Constitutionalism and the Rule of law is. Many serious political crises result from questionable attitudes towards the very foundations of our States. Disrespect for our Constitutionalism is a recurrent determining factor of our crises. We can no longer remain silent on this issue. It is not a matter of questioning the value of the fundamental principle of the free choice of each people, of each State, to adopt its own Constitutional system. It is a matter of strengthening the advocacy for Member States to respect such choices once they are adopted and become the basis of power and its peaceful devolution in any Member State of our Organisation” (Faki Mahamat, 24.01.2021).

I’m just taking these two passages, but it says it all about his deviousness. That he doesn’t compose himself and thinks sloganeering is enough. The chairperson should be a man the continent trust and have faith in. A man who would high regard and that is why write stuff like this ahead of his campaign. However, the chairperson knows what has happened in his first tenure.

Not like the Chairperson has been sincere or have helped with African solutions to African problems. I wish he had showed it and added pressure to ensure a resolve of the conflicts and crises on the continent. Nevertheless, the Chairperson is more silent and addresses it late. If he involves himself. He awaits okay signs and getting authorizations to be a participant.

That is why the African Union and the Chairperson have been a shield and a safeguard for the warlords and the dictators. As the AU Chairperson is there more to ensure the Head of State is legitimized and staying in power. That is why it’s hard time seeing him writing about Constitutionalism. As his AU Observers Missions are positive and rubber-stamping operations to vouch for the incumbents of Member States. That is why he thinks we are blind and not seeing what the AU does.

Moussa Faki Mahamat must think people are stupid. Like he suddenly become a genuine character and not a friendly face for dictators. However, this man will only writes these words now. A nice puff piece for himself. Though we should know that’s its all nonsense and he won’t carry the weight. Peace.

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