Opinion: Papa Don, AmeriKKKa will miss you, but we won’t …

Well, it is about that time. The final day of Donald J. “Papa Don” Trump in office. The most disingenuous, disgusting and disgraceful man to be President of the United States of America. A man not for the people, but for the White Supremacists, the Alt-Right and every ills of the United States.

The corporations and Wall Street will initially with time miss him. As he gave them a few tax cuts and less regulations. Trump Presidency was a corporate hit-job and a man of the trade-offs in their favour. A President who served the businesses and their interests. Even hired a few of them to be in his cabinet. Just so he could ensure their needs was met and the lobbyists was followed. That have maybe backfired and been under the weather of late. As the Republican Party and Trump associates are now blacklisted, because of the insurrection and coup attempt at the Capitol on the 6th January 2021.

Still, Papa Don was a man who worked to give the riches more wealth and ensure the working class had a harder time. That is very evident by the growing unemployment, weakening markets and desperate times with the global pandemic. A crisis which his government has failed to tackle. A pandemic that has shown the White House own incompetence and inability to follow experts advice. Only to undermine all efforts to stagnate the negative spiral of the virus.

The President has also been a figurehead of the racists. He started his campaign by running against Mexican rapists and killers. A man who used birtherism as a token to build a political profile. Papa Don had the Alt-Right in his Presidency and making policies.

Papa Don didn’t only promise to build walls. However, he built cages and camps for immigrants and asylum seekers. He separated families from its kin. A man who is so brutal to block parents from seeing their children, because they dared to cross the borders of the US for a better life. That is sort of despicable acts of his government.

Papa Don also opened with a “Muslim Ban” blocking all Muslims and Nationals from dozens of Nations across the globe. Just because of their fate. The President bargained with Dreamers and used all tricks to make it less viable to emigrate to the United States. All sorts of programs was either suspended, blocked or revoked. So, that his racist base would feel they got a victory. The President also ceased some foreign exchange programs and types of student visas. So, that he could ensure the world of less brain-drain to the USA.

Papa Don’s Foreign Affairs have been most about trade-offs and getting a bargain. The President have been willing to change and do other people’s bidding. If either his companies or his associates has earned on it. The President could have meetings and be generally amused by foreign dignitaries and later sign off on the arrangements. That is how it was done. Surely, the lobbyists and the envoys will miss this opportunity, as it was a field day of a inexperience and corrupt White House.

Papa Don’s own family needs a new hustle. They cannot use public office to entertain their lifestyle. Neither can any of them get paid-off or get travels covered by the state. Papa Don’s own kids and in-laws needs to find new ways of profiting. However, they need to revitalize their business, as there are more and more companies parting ways. The companies and Trump Organization is also investigated. There will be more shocking revelations and litigation coming their way. At one point fines and convictions too. As the family and its companies are investigated for such a long time.

Papa Don will be missed by the Klan, the militias and the White America. They will miss him. He was their hope and their leader. The man who was hero that got amplified by the likes of Q.

Papa Don will have his crazy MAGA cult behind him. The right-wing madness will be in the wind and his base to monetize. However, things may be and so bridges broken. The former President will try to find means to earn coins. That is his first end game and always been. That is why the problems of investigations, stopping of platforms and other issues will be more vital.

As he goes from the White House to be a loner at Mar-A-Lago. Papa Don will go from being a powerful man to a man who has save his businesses. Also, find ways to save himself. As there will be investigations both in Congress and elsewhere. Where everything will in the end be exposed. Since he cannot block or undermine the efforts like he did in the past. The dirt will surface and the realities of his dealings will be dealt with. That is just a matter of time.

Papa Don wanted to be above the law. A self-centred narcissist and a high ranking racist. Who was proud of the fact and bashed in it. He brought the shameful era back in politics and his allies thrived in it. There was no denying factor of that. That is what will be remembered of his Presidency.

There was so many scandals and so many breaches of codes, conduct and procedures. That it will take a life-time to pass through it all. Just that Papa Don and his closest associates didn’t care as long as it benefited them.

Now, his tenure is over. A man who has lied for living. A man who not only destroyed his own legacy, companies and the reputation of his family name. No, this is a man who has scorned and ensured the next man in charge has to fix the damage. The next President needs to re-establish and mend the hurt, which was made by Papa Don. Biden has to fix all the issues that Trump didn’t care or see as relevant.

Just like Obama had to clean up the mess of W. Bush, Biden have to cleans the dirt that Trump left behind. Papa Don wanted to be a dictator, but in the end he will end up as ranting Right-Wing nut-job living in Florida. Peace.

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