Opinion: The FDC didn’t loose, but they got viable competition now

There are some ripple effects of the 2021 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections of 2021. Not only that they we’re rigged and questionable at best. That is common knowledge for most of us and the state haven’t even tried to hide it that well. Even with the social media, internet blockade and media censorship. Still, with all of that… the are some other factors at play too.

Which is more interesting than President Museveni thieving another election. Something he has done with a steady pace since 1996. So, that 2021 would be any different would be naive. The President can only win by forgery. That is why he used all of the campaigns to spread fear and say he would use violence if anybody stood in his way.

That is why the maturity of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is more interesting topic. The first election since the start of the party with someone else than Dr. Kizza Besigye as Presidential Candidate. Nevertheless, the resolve of the party haven’t stopped and it’s still reaching the masses. The party is still feared and their new Presidential Candidate and Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat. He has been arrested, charged and harmed on his travels as the main contender of FDC.

Still, the results shows that the party is at a rate of status quo. In that I mean the amount of MPs is abruptly the same. The new party National Unity Platform have done a grand-slam and gotten to be the biggest opposition party. While the FDC got 28 MPs in the 11th Parliament. This seems like a small movement. While the new party got 61 MPs. That is why people are claiming the FDC is losing steam and relevance.

However, they are a mature party and the opposition for so long. It was a matter of time before someone else would catch up where the FDC left off and continue the struggle. It is not like the FDC is done and over with. The ones saying it will be as relevant as Uganda People’s Congress or Democratic Party. Well, I think that burial is a bit early yet.

The FDC has shown fierce force and resolve. They have dared to challenge and use their platform for change. The lessons of Besigye should be legendary and be used to inspire the next generation of freedom fighters. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine seems to follow that paradigm shift and follow where Besigye left off.

That is why I will not say FDC is falling, but they have a new road ahead. They are suddenly not the majority or leaders of the opposition. That means they can forge a new road ahead and decide their path even more. They have less to risk and can use the momentum of NUP to address why they didn’t grab the masses or change in such a way.

The FDC is far from falling off. They have shown again and again to be a viable party. Still to this day there is very few who has dared as much and stood in the middle of the political warfare as the FDC. That is why it’s easy to say it was a downer to become second in opposition and third in the presidential race. A Presidential Race rigged out of proportions to make the numbers legit. That is why the true spirit of the public is hard to know.

What we do know is that the FDC will continue to inspire and spread the message for change. That is inevitable. Their mission is not over and at this point. They need to persist to be viable. The FDC has no serious competition. That means they have to proof their existence and their value as an opposition. Not just another ticket and another four years in limbo.

No, the FDC have to show it and prove it more. The NUP has shown they are worth their weight. The messaging and the political savvy new-comber will be a contrast to FDC. Even if part of their program and their means is to an end the same. Still, it is a generational change and a significant one. Where one has been doing it and the other is arriving where they left off.

That is why the FDC needs to show it and be more in the face. Not expect people to just eat out of their hands. They got to be there and be resilient. It is an unforgiving mission. That is something the FDC knows more then most. It is not like they have gotten many favours or flowers for their hard earned place. No, they have gotten arrests, tear-gas and harassment.

Now, the FDC can be a joint party for change and be there as an older brother to NUP. That shows their strength and humility. Something that is a sign of progress. FDC isn’t over, but is just participating and evolving as a mature party in a new era. Peace.

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