Day 6: No dignity in the House Arrest of Bobi Wine

Day Six under house arrest and we’re still stuck with an 18 months old baby who had paid a visit to her auntie (my wife ) be4 we were raided & besieged. The Dad has been denied access to her. We have run out of food and milk. No one is allowed to leave or come into our compound” (Bobi Wine, 19.01.2021)

There are laws for the Republic of Uganda to adhere too. However, the justification of the prolonged house-arrest will always be “inciting to violence” or “fear of riots”. This has been done before and is the simplification of a loser directly arresting the victor of the polls on the 14th January 2021. If President Museveni won. He wouldn’t need to arrest and detain his opposition. Alas, that is the case and it shows his targeted injustice and impunity against his own civilians.

The state action and prolonged pre-emptive house-arrests was to be anticipated, as the state has done the same to Besigye in both 2011 and 2016 after the General Elections. Therefore, the National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi would get into legal trouble. The state and the NRM is following the same formula.

As they are keeping him as a prisoner in his own home. They are breaching own laws. Not only the laws of Human Rights Violations and possible International Laws in association with the detention of Bobi Wine. No, they are actually breaching their own created law for their own dominion.

In the Prisons Act of 2006 Article 57(a): “a prisoner shall be treated with the respect due to his/her inherent dignity and value as a human being” (Prisons Act, 2006).

This here is very easy to assess. When someone cannot eat and not given food. The state is no dignifying and showing Bobi Wine the value as a human being. When his house is blocked from having lawyers visiting him. They are not allowed to collect food stuffs in their gardens to be able to eat. That is breaching the article 57(a).

In the same law the article 57 (1) it states: “No person shall be received or admitted into prison custody without a valid commitment or a remand warrant, order of detention, warrant of conviction or committal signed with a court seal or authenticated by a person authorised to sign or authenticate such warrant or order under the provision of any law” (Prisons Act, 2006).

We know that Kyagulanyi isn’t directly charged with anything. After 48 hours he didn’t get noted or taken to a court. No, his just been house-arrested on the grounds that he challenged the President and that is a cardinal sin in the Republic. Bobi Wine have no official warrant or charges on him. Only been house-arrested and blocked from the world by the army, law enforcement and everyone else supposed to keep law and order. However, here its neither law or order. Only injustice.

The state should ensure the prisoner is getting fed. The prisoner in this case and his fellow cell-mates in his home should get water and food by the authorities. As they are keeping him captive and behind closed doors. It is a familiar place and not a detention room in a torture chamber or bare prison-cell. Still, it is being a prisoner without the direct mandate of Prison Services.

That is why its the duty of the state to keep them alive and secure their rations. This is just common sense. However, that hasn’t been taken care off or they don’t care. Still, that should be the first priority. Secure the prisoners food and water. So, that they can sustain living and be healthy. Especially, since its by state orders he is closed off from the world.

The ones bitching about him sending his kids abroad earlier in the campaign. Should understand why he did it. Because, this injustice and torment on them would be damaging. To see the pain and suffer with the parents. Since, Bobi Wine made a decision to take a stand and challenge Museveni. This is the price of doing so. However, the state is no dignifying his imprisonment. They should man up and tool-up. Peace.

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