Ethiopia: UNCHR reports – Only One Food Distribution by WFP to Tigray since conflict started

In a conflict there is usually some innocent civilians who is the casualties between the battling parties. There is no difference in the region of Tigray in Ethiopia. Where refugees and civilians are caught in crossfire. The parties are hit by the blocked roads and warfare. Also, the direct control of the National Army, Eritrean Army and Amhara Paramilitary Group “Fano”. All of these factors get’s into play. As much as the state wants to control the Law Enforcement Operation, which have been into play since 3rd November 2020.

We are now in middle or later January 2021. That is near to three months of conflict. A conflict where the United Nations Organizations and aid organizations haven’t been able to access or allowed to get to the ones in need.

UNHCR on the 19th January 2021:

The assessment, which concluded last week, found help is urgently needed for the tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees in northern Ethiopia. Refugees were cut off from any supplies and services for more than two months. Wells were not functional without fuel for the pumps – leaving refugees to use water from a nearby creek for washing, cooking and drinking, resulting in diarrhea like illnesses. The only assistance refugees received since the start of the conflict was a one-time food distribution conducted by the World Food Programme (WFP) almost a month ago. Plans are underway for a second distribution” (UNHCR – ‘UNHCR finds dire need in Eritrean refugee camps cut off in Tigray conflict’ 19.01.2021).

These stories should haunt the authorities, the government and everyone in-charge. Unless, they are fine with starving civilians. Because, this is deliberate acts of injustice. This is violations of human rights and the basic needs of other human beings. Everyone needs shelter and food. That is just a mere fact.

So, when the Prosperity Party and the Law Enforcement Operation is acted out like this. The governing bodies of Addis Ababa is responsible for the disaster and humanitarian crisis in Tigray. As the UNCHR is only saying about the Eritrean refugees. However, we can imagine if the Eritrean refugees have it like this. How is the rest of the population of the populous region been held captive too? Are they also starving and blocked from food supplies?

That wouldn’t shock me, as the UNCHR doesn’t say how things are in general. Nevertheless, the ideals and the ability to cut-off these basics needs for civilians. Says a lot about what sort of play the government have towards this region. How little it care about lives and their fate. The state doesn’t care or value the needs. As they are even blocking World Food Programme and UNCHR to act upon the outcries and call for help.

Tigray region is hurting and its deliberate from the state. They are using everyone as targets and not shielding anyone from the harm of the conflict. That is the clear message of the state. Peace.

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