Bobi Wine’s house-arrest will last for a long time [4 days and counting]

If we learn anything from the previous election. Then we know that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine will have pre-emptive house-arrested for a long time. Some would say 4 days house-arrested with soldiers making check-points and guarding the gates is long. However, the National Resistance Movement and President Museveni have used this trick before.

Dr. Kizza Besigye had over 40 days straight house-arrest. Even more, as post-2016 elections he was steadily under house-arrested all through the year of 2016. In various parts of the year. He was also charged with treason. He was detained in Moroto and in Luzira as well. However, the house-arrested for a long period and the state blocked everyone from entering.

This is what is happening to Besigye. We can just await a black van or something else picking him up to charge Bobi Wine too. That is about time, as this has been more than 48 hours and no charges has been put on him. There is no proof of any illegal activity, but we know the reason for this action.

It is because Bobi Wine challenged Museveni and that is treasonous. Nobody is supposed to be more popular or be more relevant, than the old man that knows everything. If the old did know everything is that his proving his injustice and impunity.

Therefore, expect this to be a prolonged effort from the state. The soldiers and police officers will make makeshift locations and stations for them to positioned in. These folks will make the house around Bobi Wine look like a war-zone. That is the proof of how far “Museveni’s Democracy” goes. Which isn’t even going skin-deep and is a lie in itself. That is why he wants people to dance to rigged elections and go back to ordinary looting again. Peace.

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