Ethiopia: Abiy’s Regional Conflict in Tigray

Since the 3rd November 2020 the Federal Government of Ethiopia initiated a civil war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Which has been established as an effort coined: “Operation Law Enforcement”. It was supposed to be a quick-fix mission to send the TPLF to the and totally annihilate the former comrades of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF). Instead of taking the TPLF to the courts and challenging them with legal means. The Prosperity Party incited a war and kept the world in the dark about.

However, the truth will eventually come out. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) wasn’t battling the Tigray Special Forces on their own. The former outfit, which was termed a militia and the TPLF was deemed a terrorist organization by the House of Federation. This was all happening, because of a constitutional stalemate between Addis Ababa and Mekelle. However, what is more insightful is how the Prime Minister has used all his neighbours to try to conquer his enemies.

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy of the Prosperity Party the consolidated EPRDF (without TPLF) into one party. Where his allies and his “Yes-Men” has all control. This is where they went after the ones who defied the PM and his PP. That is why TPLF got scorned and targeted. To think otherwise is naive, as we are in mid-January 2021. A lot disinformation and also conflicting messages, but what we do know. Is that Tigray is in an humanitarian catastrophe beyond words and God only knows who many who has died over this warfare. That is unknown.

However, by mid-November and weeks into the battle between the parties. There was reports of Eritrean Defence Force fighting on Tigrayan soil. They we’re doing this together with ENDF. A joint venture to capture and assault a common enemy. There ENDF even flown in well in time before the 3rd November with battalions to be able to strike from multiple front.

So, at just the moment there we have to parties involved. We have the Federal Army and the Eritrean. With some more time. There was reports that the ENDF was using United Arab Emirates Drones to bomb and targets locations within Tigray. That means the ENDF had gotten help and technical support from yet another ally.

At one point Abiy even asked for a brigade of mercenaries from South Sudan. So, they could pay for the services of South Sudan’s People’s Defence Force (SSPDF). However, that didn’t go through and the South Sudanese didn’t comply or take the offer from Addis Ababa. Nevertheless, that shows the intent of Abiy.

What has now come out even furthers things and shows the planned strike in Tigray. Just like the pre-flown brigades of ENDF to Eritrea ahead of Northern Command attack. The ENDF and EDF was prepared to attack from Eritrean soil. With that in mind the Somali Guardian have today released a report that 2500 Somali trained soldiers who enlisted to a Qatari Military Service was flown to bases in Eritrea ahead of combat. These soldiers was destined and taken to military camps within Eritrea for the sole purpose of participating in the conflict in Tigray.

That means Abiy have used the helping hand of Eritrea, UAE, Qatar and Somalia to annihilate one group of people and their party. He will go that far to cause harm and damage. Just to settle old scores and to boost his ego. That is the works of war-lord and not a peacemaker. The willingness to use allies to severely damage own citizens and create a refugee crisis in Sudan. That is the sort of man PM Abiy is.

This bloodshed, the use of allies and total destruction will be on his account. As he ordered it and prepared it. It seems like the Federal Government was making any excuse to retaliate, as they had already prepared for battle both in Amhara and in Eritrea. The PM has even used the para-military amhara milita (Fano) to conquer the TPLF. So, there is no bounds in his vengeance towards this people.

The lives taken, the lives lost and all the lives harmed is on the watch of Abiy. That is his responsibility as the head of state. He needs to account for these and the usage of lethal force for personal gains. That is the truth of it all. We have no idea to what extent, but one day the horrific truth will hit us. Peace.

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