Opinion: A rigging machine with serious malfunctions …

We are confident that we defeated dictator Museveni by far. I call upon all Ugandans to reject this blackmail. The dictatorship is falling” Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine (15.01.2021)

Yesterday’s polls was happening with all the irregularities that appeared just yesterday. There is little showing that the government, the authorities or the state is really giving way or crossing over to a peaceful transfer of power. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President will cling on to power.

Even when they have glitches in the system, as the National Unity Platform (NUP) is getting a broad mandate of Members of Parliament. While the NRM is losing cabinet members and high ranking officials in government. The President cannot play this out and say the public is tired of just them. They are tired of him too.

President Museveni and his Electoral Commission is already issuing over 60% victory of partial results. While his MPs are losing their seats. That is even happening with the massive gerrymandering and intimidations. The state have used all of its means, but still the public rebuke so many of their MPs.

The NUP, which is in its new form has already gotten a broader mandate then what the naysayers would say. These folks are aligned with Bobi Wine and therefore, they got an head-start. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have already conceded to NUP as the main opposition party in the 11th Parliament. That shows the democratic values and maturity of FDC. That deserves recognition.

That the NUP gotten so many Polling Agents arrested. That the FDC Polling Agents arrested. That the ANT Polling Agents arrested as well. Therefore, the EC wanted to be able to rig without any questions. It is a reason why the opposition have been targeted and hit by the authorities. It is a miracle that the NUP is getting as many MPs as they are. Since, there was no outcome looking like they would get as much people behind it. They have slammed dunk where they could and proven real stamina in the election. As people are tired of NRM and the government itself. Therefore, in response, they have voted for NUP aspirants. Somewhere circulating that the NUP with its little machinery and party organization have won over 50 MPs into the 11th Parliament. However, that is preliminary results and could easily be changed by the authorities. However, the numbers game of winning MPs and getting a mandate. That seems legit and real at the moment. It also shows that there is signs of change and a will to vote for the people who wants the same.

The President and his EC will have a hard time explaining the astonishing rise of NUP and Bobi Wine. Still, he will only be announced with a fringe number. While his organization, a little party who has been able to create a real mandate and be vibrant in a manner, which the NRM and the President wasn’t prepared for. The public is signalling the wish for change and their votes is proof of that. To such an extent… that the Presidential Election should reflect that and the propaganda peddlers cannot sustain the argument now.

It is not like the FDC and NUP isn’t getting a great mandate in the 11th Parliament. Not like these parties doesn’t have a say and had the votes in the Parliamentary Elections. Therefore, it would be weird if that wasn’t really reflected in the Presidential Election as well. That is why we know the rigging is going on and the EC is fixing the results in favour of the President. Peace.

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