Uganda Decides: Bobi Wine will lead in the preliminary results, but Museveni will be announced

Today was the polls in the Republic. This has been an awaited moment. However what is happening now will be anticipated. No matter what results and Declaration Forms is saying online. These results will be disputed. The ones uploaded to Uvote App will be good to save and have for a Constitutional Court petition, but these will not be final.

The Electoral Commission will use the 48 hours from the final polls to announce the final result. Even if everyone knows and has an idea. The game will be played some drops showing Robert Kyagulanyi in the lead. However, with every small drop this will cease and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be winning. There might even be funny glitches and weird statistical errors, which is beneficial for the incumbent. That’s just what happens.

Why I am saying all this? Do I want President Museveni to win?

Hell to the NO, but I have seen this before and therefore, not on the bandwagon of a VICTORY LAP. When I know how this pans out.

This Electoral Commission and Commissioner is making Badru Kiggundu look smart. The appointed head this time around is the epitome of crony and loyal cadre. To such an extent that nothing he does is believable or trustworthy. His a blind servant of Museveni and that is his endgame too. To get a giant mansion and live of the perks of serving Yoweri. That is really it.

So, expect the stats to flustered and bamboozled. Expect the results to rigged, mismatched and even in perfect tandem. Just so one man and his loyal subjects get elected. So, that yet again he has a mandate and can get his Eight Term in Office.

I saw the same drill and games of results dropping in favour of Besigye in 2016. Saw the possible change and defiance strategy panning out. Where there was hope for change, but in the end Museveni went to Kololo and got sworn in. While foreign dignitaries and envoys all made it legit. Therefore, please… even if Bobi Wine and NUP is winning. Don’t expect the result to reflect that.

In the end… there will be raids of NUP headquarters and Bobi Wine’s home. Especially, at the offices of lawyers who plans to petition the courts. Anyone who collects copies of Declaration Forms and other data will be targeted. As the state will secure all evidence and proof of the actual results.

So, know that the game is happening now. Museveni is using the army, the police and everyone to ensure his prolonged reign. There will be injustice, will be more suffering and more hardships. This junta will use force and law enforcement to get their way. It is just a matter of time.

This have been most tragic, horrific and campaign with rampant impunity from the state. The authorities have attacked and misused their offices in all efforts to stop and stagnate the opposition. Therefore, the only good news from today is that the polling happen in peace. Where only a few incidents, but not a blood-shed. However, it is when the counting happens the issues spark.

That is what is worrying me. As now the game of crooks begins and how that plays out can be vicious. Because, that will be done in favour of one man and nothing else. Peace.

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