Museveni: Don’t you get tired of repeating the sins of your predecessors?

Tomorrow is the end of this bloody campaign season. A campaign season filled with pre-emptive arrests, brutal detentions, political motivated abductions and murders. There been so much blood spilled. So many has lost their lives and plenty who are either kept incommunicado or behind bars. Just because they are affiliated with another candidate or party, then the ones of the Self-Styled President for Life, Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

Some says his running for the 6th term. Sorry brother… you are terribly wrong. His running for his 8th term and don’t even get me started on deleting a decade of his time in office. Because, if you say its his upcoming sixth term. You are indirectly not counting the years between 1986 to 1996. That is insincere to everyone who had to live under his reign at that time.

Now we are in 2021. The man who took power by a coup in 1986 is still there. He never left and as always he clings on to the military. If it wasn’t for the power of his army, law enforcement and all the security organizations of the state. This President would fear for tomorrow and what is ahead. The President would be more diplomatic and cautious. However, he isn’t thinking of stopping or even retiring. This man is planning to die in office. That is all he knows and he intends to use all means to get there.

We are now seeing footage of the authorities beating on civilians in broad daylight in the streets. Seen and reported of arrests and abductions of the opposition activists, leaders and candidates. There are so many of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) who has been assaulted, abducted and arrested in the recent days. Most of the team of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is either behind bars, hospitalized or dead. That all because Bobi Wine challenged the President. That is the cause and the effect is horrific.

President Museveni has ordered the killing of protesters. The President has issued orders, systematic arrests and brutalization of the campaigns towards the opposition. There been no mercy and no justice towards his main competitors. The President knows perfectly well why the Residential District Commanders and Regional Police Commanders has all worked in tandem to make campaigning nearly impossible for the opponents. They have used all means and charges…

Therefore, the ones believing tomorrow will be any different. The ones who believes the President and his guns will be silenced tomorrow. I am sorry, but they are there to shield the President and his failure of a legacy. The continuation of the false liberation. The fake revolutionaries and bush-war relics still in office. These folks are more into keeping power and eating. The President and his cronies are looting. If they are not thieving then they are preoccupied with oppressive behaviour towards dissents. Which we have seen to a full extent this campaign.

The President will have the guns out tomorrow. They will be there all week. There will be curfews, house-arrests and treason-charges. More civilians will be charged in Court Martial like they are soldiers. They will be taken away by force too.

The day before the polls. There are reports that opposition polling agents are arrested. This is the NUP and FDC polling agents in the up-country in places like Lira, Moroto and elsewhere. At this point the state is just issuing a carte blanche on the opposition and they are all fair game. Anyone associated or even open about supporting the opposition is a crime in itself. That is what’s happening.

So, don’t expect the peace tomorrow. It will be done in the dark. The state is preparing to secure itself by all means. There is nothing that is unholy and everything is legal to them. They can incriminate anyone and silence them.

That is why the President wants to do all the sins of his predecessors. The President wants to ensure that he has repeated all the sins of the past. Museveni wants to do everything Obote and Amin did. The President wants to be remembered for his safe-houses, having torture chambers and killing dissidents. Because, that is the real side of a liberator like him.

The man that brought down tyrants became the greatest tyrant himself. That is what he will be remembered for. President Museveni should be remembered for all the lives that been taken while he was in office. The President has to be remembered for all the violence, destruction and human rights violations that has been consistently actions of his regime. Museveni needs to be remembered for this and not for what he did at early stages of his reign. No, he needs to be accountable for all the dead. If not he needs to address those with the lord in his afterlife.

I am not hopeful about tomorrow. Neither about the rest of the week. It will be sounds of guns, brigadiers, the sounds of jet fighters, military choppers and other weapons. These will be used for one persons gain and his office. It will all be done for one system and his loyal cadres. That is it and the silence of good men is deafening. There will be no resolve or no possible outcome, which will be the will of the people. Because, the will of the people doesn’t matter to Museveni. That is why his preparing to install himself for the eight time. Peace.

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