Operation “Enzikiza eyitiridde” in Kampala

Today there is two clear evidence of keeping the world in the dark. First the internet blockade is in effect. The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) have issued to the Telecoms that they have to stop all gateways to Internet in Republic. This after yesterday’s start of blocking Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. So, today’s first act is a sign of what to come.

The Second act is to jam and cancel opposition leaders phone-lines. The state is now blocking the phone-lines of National Unity Platform (NUP) Presidential Candidate Robert Kygaulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his family members. Also, the Presidential Candidate of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Therefore, these folks are not able to communicate. As they have not mobile-phones and neither internet. This is an deliberate act of the state to silence them totally.

We should expect for the worst. There should be news on how they are handled. We should expect journalists getting brutalized and arrested for monitoring the opposition leaders tonight and tomorrow. There will be ramifications of this and this isn’t done without a plan ahead.

The President and National Resistance Movement (NRM) wants to keep it dark or like many has luganda is saying: “It’s Getting to Dark” or “Enzikiza eyitiridde”. We are not supposed to get reports, messages or credible information from the Republic. Just as there was reports of massive rounds of arrests of NUP Mobilisers and other opposition activists in the Republic. This is a violation and a plan to have total control of the votes. So, the NUP and FDC cannot access or have the opportunity to challenge the election. As their polling agents is behind bars. That is clear message here.

The state wants the acts be done in the dark. They want the opposition to be silent and give way to a total charade of an election. An election that has been marred with pre-emptive arrests, extra judicial killings and human rights violations. The state authorities have been all partisan and the army is arresting civilians during the night. This is why this election will be rigged in favour of one man and his not risking anything.

He is blocking social media. His stopping all gateways to internet and VPN is even out of question. The President and his party is even going after mobilizers and polling agents. They are willing to be so dark and extreme, as they are making all sort of affiliation and association with NUP and other opposition a crime against the state. This is the sinister reality in the Republic.

That is why tomorrows election is a unfair and rigged affair. There is no reason to believe the result. When there is no accountability, no transparency and no justice served. Only impunity and injustice. Tomorrow, Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat will be arrested, one way or another. Other MP candidates of the parties will be taken to prison too. There will be house-arrests and other measures too. Therefore, tomorrow will not be a good day.

This is election is just brutal. There is no love and is no passion. There will be very few observers and the ones whose there is from the East African Community (EAC). These folks will only be there to verify the events and go home. They will not challenge or question. This Election Observers Mission will not challenge or question anything. Therefore, the President is fine with their report. That is why there is none from the European Union or United States. Not that these EOMs has done anything useful in the previous two elections. However, they could have made a difference in the sense of having boots on the ground. Now, they won’t even do that and the state is more free. Because, they know the EAC will not humiliate one of their own.

Yoweri is getting his will. President Museveni is getting his will of polls in darkness. Operation “It’s too Dark” is in effect and all sponsored by His Excellency in State House Entebbe. Peace.

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