Gen. Museveni is wearing fatigue warning the public of cheating in elections [while his army is deployed all across the Republic]

We fought so many wars for the right to vote, nobody should interfere with it. Do not waste our time by trying to cheat, let the people of Uganda elect the way they feel”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (12.01.2021)

Today is yet another Presidential Address of the President since 1986. Who the international press says is seeking his 6th term, which is faulty by default. As this President suspended elections for a decade and therefore with that move its not officially his eight term. Nevertheless, I would say his moving from 7th term into 8th term. In an violent election and oppressive one. Where opposition activists, candidates and team members are taken away, arrested and even found dead. That is the election of 2021. That is the the state of which this President is delivering these words on today.

I will not dwell deep into his speech, as there are reports of Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) aka the Army in the streets. There is report that they are deployed into ten major cities or towns. That includes Kampala, where the footage of the clips of the newly bought army vans drove passed. Just to prove the Turkish imports to Uganda. Just to show force.

It is really sad this way. That he went into war-mode… as the polls are happening within 48 hours. The Self-Styled President for Life intends to install himself in for a 8th term.

Here some inspiring quotes ahead of the polls:

Some groups have made it a habit to cheat in elections. I want to tell you, that cheating is treason. When you use violence to intimidate to be voted for, you are committing treason. If you plan to cheat or alter results so that you win even when the majority didn’t vote for you, it means you won’t go back to solve the issues of the people because you will cheat in the next election. This renders democracy null and void. I am warning everyone, don’t try to cheat” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (12.01.2021)

There is no threat we cannot defeat. Do not fear to vote, we shall defend you. There is no part of Uganda we cannot reach, if not foot then by air” (Museveni, 12.01.2021)

When you use violence to intimidate so that you are elected, you will have committed treason because if you win you will not have won with the support of the people” (Museveni, 12.01.2021).

That is why he comes with these ideas now. To again come with the idea that the Opposition will cheat and rig the election. However, that will be nearly impossible as the state runs the show. The President have appointed the Electoral Commission, the Judiciary and the Commanders of the Law Enforcement. It is all prepared for the elections to go in his favour and legitimize his rule.

At this moment, opposition activists and leaders are picked up the government. They are arresting and taking away over 100s of them across the Republic. The state is working on overtime… and doing what it can to block and silence the opposition ahead of the polls.

Just to push his ideals, he comes with this excuse as well: “I am sorry for the inconvenience to those who have been using this channel (Facebook), but we cannot tolerate this arrogance of anybody coming to decide for us who is good and who is bad” (Museveni, 12.01.2021).

The other day Facebook decided to block the NRM message senders. Why would anybody do that? When I heard about that I told our people to warn them. That social channel, if it’s going to operate in Uganda, it should be used equitably by everybody” (Museveni, 12.01.2021).

Well, you are deciding what is good and bad in your domain. So, let Facebook decide who they see as good or bad in their domain. If you have trouble with Facebook. Don’t block the whole platform, but write them a letter like Uganda Communication Commission did the other day. That should be the way to protests. As this is just done stop information flow.

This just proves how he will control everything and ensure he gets his results. Where he pushed the narrative that the opposition did it, but in reality he did. That’s why there is no reason to think otherwise. This man will rig this and has planned this all along. He has to spike the levels of fear and intimidate. Just to prove what sort of big-man he is.

He now acts like a General. Just to prove something. Because, he cannot show his record, achievements or policy changes. As his self interests are more vital than the Republic itself. That’s why his warning the public and doing it like this. Just the late night ahead of the polls.

Don’t expect for the best. Expect for the worst. Nothing in this election have been fair. Nothing in this election have been justified. A lot of suffering, pain and injustice. Sadly it is more to come. We just don’t know what’s the next trick he would do. However, it will be blunt actions and the opposition will suffer. Peace.

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