Opinion: Tragic that Bobi Wine fears for the safety of his kids… [and has to defend it too]

I have seen regime enforcers and propagandists trying to question the travel of my children out of the country as we get close to the election! Of course everyone knows that their statements are not born out of genuineness, but out of their usual schemes to diminish our resolve to remove their corrupt regime” (Bobi Wine, 07.01.2021).

The authorities and the state is really hay-wired…. When a Presidential Candidate is sending his kids away and abroad days ahead of the General Elections in 2021. This is just a week ahead of the polls and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine sent his kid away for a reason. He cares about the safety for his kids. He has an opportunity. Not because he wants too, but as a parent he feels he has too.

Bobi Wine isn’t doing this to mock the ones who cannot afford or have the opportunity to do so. No, he does it because he has seen with eyes what the government does to its own. Bobi Wine shouldn’t have to explain this. It is not a political motivation behind this. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and apologists tried to use this against him. Without reasoning out and understanding why he did it. That is all natural for someone to shield their own.

The NRM apologists shouldn’t use that against him. It only shows the double standard, as Museveni own wife and family went first to Kenya in exile in 1981. They we’re there until they we’re able to leave for Sweden in 1983 and was located there until May 1986. So, that the kids of Bobi Wine is away for the polls and the uncertainty of the family makes sense to me. Just like it made sense for Museveni to shield his kids and wife in exile during the bush-war.

It makes sense that Bobi Wine does this. Not that he wants too, but he has to do this as a parent. That is why he wrote this: “For most of this year, they have largely lived as prisoners; very rarely leaving home. As we near the election, I received credible information from sources within the system of plans by the regime to cause physical harm to them!” (Bobi Wine, 07.01.2021).

Who in the right mind would take the risk, if they could avoid it? Who wouldn’t shield their minors and their own kin? Museveni sent his own to Sweden during the bush-war in the 1980s. Therefore, the NRM should remember what they did. There was more NRM in exile too and this is why they should remember it too.

He continues: “The regime propagandists should be very ashamed. In a free and democratic country, no body should live in fear simply because they oppose the government in power. In a free country, a presidential candidate would never have to wear a bullet-proof jacket and helmet in order to go for campaigns!That is the country we are struggling to build. Gen. Museveni should even be more ashamed that 35 years later, children have to yet again run away from their country over fears of vengeful attacks!” (Bobi Wine, 07.01.2021).

This here is making sense. The NRM should be prepared to grasp this. However, they will downplay it and make a fool out of it. Bobi Wine is doing something that’s making sense. Everyone in their right mind shield their kids. Unless, you want to be neglectful parent or not taking care of your own. Especially, when the man is afraid of the state and knows they can target someone.

Bobi Wine has done the right thing. It is sad he had to do this. That should be the reality of this. Instead, he has defend this and that’s ridiculous. He has been tortured, shot at and arrested by the authorities. If someone would be afraid of his kids. His one of them and its understandable. Peace.

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