Opinion: Papa Don and his Republican allies have to answer for this

That Donald J. “Papa Don” Trump and his Republican allies have played along with this idea for a long time. The 6th January 2021 assault and violent protest in Washington D.C. is an effort played with the support of the outgoing President and plenty of Republican Representatives in both houses. This means everyone who has toyed with “Stop the Steal” and “Save America March”, which happened yesterday. Needs to be addressed and answer for it.

Their all culprits, as the Republican and Right Wing Media tries to blame “Antifa” for doing this. A group of red-cap wearing MAGA supporters are suddenly Antifa. Who are they kidding here? When did an antifa ever carry a Confederate flag to somewhere? They cannot fill the void and blame the other party this time around. Especially, when they themselves gathered in public. Held a rally and incited the masses to this. Papa Don and his allies incited this and did it deliberately.

This is sedation and a coup attempt, as a manner to stop the procedure of a peaceful transition. As the Congress was supposed to certify and finalize the Electoral College vote. Where the Representatives and Senators to do the vote yesterday. That was thwarted.

The President didn’t notify or get the National Guards to stop the riots and incursion into the chambers of Congress. It had to be the Mayor of Washington D.C. who got issued soldiers and deployment from Virginia. FBI entered the Congress too, as well as Secret Service and other units had to address the rioters inside yesterday.

So, the President didn’t act as head of state and commander-in-chief. Neither did his close allies act accordingly. There was even Representatives live-streaming, who was supporting the rioters. The American Bar calling it criminal trespassing and an act of criminal act of the persons doing so.

Papa Don and his Republican counterparts, everyone who toyed and played around this. Papa Don incited the crowds ahead of this. They were already prepared to do this. That is why the White House and President knew this could go down. Papa Don enjoyed the brewing trouble. When his supporters terrorized the Capitol and stopped the procedure. This is why he has to answer for this.

However, Papa Don did this together with Republican associates and representatives. There was already groups who worked against the election and forged the narrative of a stolen election. They are clearly implicated and the ones who supported the acts yesterday. Needs also to answer for this. As this was a coup attempt and should be treated as such.

Papa Don wanted to take power and get a second term. He wanted all along to stop the process and not accept the loss of the November Election. The Republican party have played along and they should suffer consequences of this. They have made this happen and now the folks who incited the public and made it happen has to answer for it.

Impeachment the President and expel US Congress Members who was involved. All of them have to get consequences, as they tried earn political capital going against the election. These has all worked against the transition and ensured a peaceful transfer of power. The ones speaking of treason is within reason. This will have an aftermath and it should be challenged. This is unacceptable and treachery shouldn’t be taken easily. It shows again that Papa Don doesn’t care and uses all means to stay in power. Peace.

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