Opinion: Papa Don has issued his coup attempt

We will never give up. We will never concede. It will never happen. You don’t concede when there’s death involved. Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore” – Papa Don at Save America March on the 6th January 2021

As the Congress and US Capital was preparing to certify the Presidential Elections of 2020 today on the 6th January 2021. The US Capital have been sealed off and there is issued a curfew by the Washington D.C. Mayor. Therefore, the United States Senate and Congress is in recess after starting the procedure and protocol to end the Presidential Elections, which Donald J. “Papa Don” Trump lost to Joe Biden.

Papa Don has incited his supporters and his party to continue the charade. The Republican Party and the supporters of it is willing to stop the final step, which is inevitable. This is fascists and white supremacists who is afraid of losing their ally in the White House. That is why they are willing to overturn an election and directly support a coup d’etat. A coup, which the losing President have supported and played along with.

Trump and his allies has already tried every single attempt to discredit and forge a narrative that this election was stolen. “Stop the Steal” they have said and Papa Don has cheered them all along. The GOP and its Representatives have even toyed with it too. Before today several of Senators and Representatives of the party was willing to vote against it. Really, when there is no evidence or proof of rigged affair. Therefore, the acts done in the US Capitol is a coup attempt at its finest.

We are also seeing a double standard, as if these folks was minorities rioting and demonstrating like this. The US National Guards and the National Army would be on the streets shooting bullets and throwing tear-gas on the streets around the US Capitol. However, the white privilege of even entering the US Congress in Session is possible.

BREAKING: A source tells me The Defense Department has just denied a request by DC officials to deploy the National Guard to the US Capitol” (Aaron C. Davis, 06.01.2021).

The protesters who are Trump supporters are directly fighting with the Secret Service and Capitol Police. These are armed fascists who are daring to violate the Constitution for one person. They are willing to circumvent rule of law, because they have bought into wild conspiracies. These wild conspiracy theories are now in full effect. This is only the moves of a dictator of a Banana Republic. Who trusts his supporters with arms more then the intelligence community or his own justice department. Which we know is an ideal setting for Papa Don.

So, Papa Don and his allies in the Defence Department are doing this deliberately. This after Trump held their “Save America March” in Washington D.C. The attack on the Capitol happened after this and the people doing this had it all planned. Papa Don knew this would be a possible outcome and has escalated it. The action made is to cause havoc and stop proceedings in hope that its enough to stop the transition of power.

Papa Don at the rally called on the supporters to storm the capitol. As Trump had a phone-call with Vice-President Mike Pence and he said his was doing his constitutional duty to certify the Presidential Elections. The supporters followed his inciting to violence and sedation of public order. Clearly, Papa Don have been able to cause mayhem and stop proceedings.

However, Papa Don needs to be served for this. Especially, if there is tapes and clips of him saying they should do what they did. As he incited them to this and they achieved it as well. This is blatant disregard to stop the process of inauguration because he lost.

Papa Don needs to answer for this. That is if rules of law matters and if the constitution still matters in the United States of America. Time will tell, but this should have ripple effect and the ones inciting it should answer for that.

That is what usually happens when you inspire conspiracy like this. Not only the citizens breaching the chambers and violating the capitol. Also the ones who made it happen. They have to all answer for this and if Papa Don didn’t do anything to stop it. He also breached his constitutional mandate and role as Head of State. That says something, but he inspired these folks. So that’s why this is coup attempt. Peace.

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