South Sudan: If the Transitional Period lasting to 2023 isn’t they soon making this stalemate permanent?

Well, the first deadline of the Revitalized – Agreement for a Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ACRSS) was on the 12th May 2019. That was stipulated by the Khartoum Declaration. Clearly, this has been postponed twice already. R-ARCSS and the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) have given itself more time to implement it.

Therefore, today on the 5th January 2021. There is reports that the TGoNU plans to reign in a transitional fashion until 2023. That is giving itself 2 more years and a few more months depending on when its scheduling an election. That’s why today is a shattering day. A day where the government is ceasing its mandate and only consolidating it more.

The momentum of the agreement is dying down. The President and his allies is ruling on decrees as we speak. His appointing people and securing the ones he wants into office. The agreement is followed and various of stakeholders are getting various of positions. While the National Assembly and other institutions are not followed up. That is why the President and his FVPs can get off the hook. They are eating and enjoying the perks, but without any real accountability.

The Republic’s leadership is stalling the transition. That is clear, as they have had the time and the ability to do so. Seemingly, some of parts of agreements wouldn’t be worked upon, as the TGoNU and its allies has to give way. They have to work on the appointments and creations of a Hybrid Court. Which again could face cases and petitions of criminal behaviour. Something that might implicate parts of the current leaders and their handling’s of affairs. The same being warfare and conflicts, which haven’t always been sorted out in a peaceful manner.

The Transitional Government with another deadline and another time-laps will only fatigue the public. As they are supposed to stick by the anointed leaders, which isn’t their representatives, but previous warlords and generals. These who has created the conflicts and haven’t made proper peace. As these cannot configure or implement these agreements.

They can stand together and photo-bomb the stage. They can sign agreements when the funds are running low and get legitimacy out of it. Buying more and more time, but not fixing the core issues. Instead of institutionalize the government and create stability. The state is just supposed to accept the Presidential Decrees and the overpowering mandate of a President who never was elected. However, was the king of the liberating party and armed command at the time.

President Salva Kiir is just holding on to power. While he cannot figure out how to work with Dr. Riek Machar. The citizens are suffering, because to big-men cannot put their egos to the side and let bygones be bygones. I’m not saying its easy or not earth-shattering to drop the grievances. However, if these folks want to be remembered as statesmen in the future. They got to stick together and become a functioning duo.

The word salads of the SPLM/A, SPLM-IO, SPLM/A-IO, SSOM or Real-SPLM for that matter. The SPLM/A-IG and so forth. It is time to just stick together and build. Not postpone and keep a tab on the transition. That cannot last forever. If it lasts forever and continues to be kept this way. It isn’t temporary anymore, but a made up title just to keep power.

For some nothing is more temporary as a government reform. However, when your building and put your print on the walls. You better build well. So, that the next one taking over cannot only trust the foundation, but continue to add on it. Such in a way that the next leader can make life even better for the citizens. That should be the goal.

However, by how things looking now. The postponing of implementation or facing out the transition seems to be a game for the long-con of the ones in office. Peace.

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