Opinion: Cruz would love to have a “Papa Don”

The America that we grew up and saw from afar is bickering within itself. Where the 10 Senators and 100s of Representatives from the Republican Party. Which many of these was elected on the same ballot. Deems the election that happened as “rigged” and “wrong”. Again, the Republican Party and some of their members wants to change the rules mid-way.

The Republican party and their allies, the ones token loyalty to Donald J. Trump is sickening. They rather want to have a tin-pot, unelected Commander-in-Chief. Who is beholden to no law, no jurisdiction or no consequences for his action. They are willing to bet anything on this man. Like his the saviour and the natural leader for all mankind.

That is initially a move of a Banana Republic. Where ONE MAN is above the Law. Where his coronated as King and reigns supreme. The man doesn’t need the votes nor the other technicalities to rule. Because, that man is entitled to do so and nobody dares to question that. If they do. Then they will be in bracelets and be barred from any political office. Nobody dares to question the King and his fiefdom. No, that man is above all us and we should just hail him.

In this regard, that is Trump. The loser of the 2020 Presidential Elections. Who has searched for all kinds of faults. Misused the Court system. Many of his lawyers and who worked on the “in-consequential” court cases might loose their bar and license to be lawyers in the future. Because, they sought out foolish claims and no evidence bound cases to the Courts.

Still, as that has happened and there is no merit of rigging. The GOP and Trump is still prolonging the agony. Now with a team of loyal cronies run by Senator Ted Cruz. He really wants to soil his reputation and his legacy. He wants to whizz on the little he has left and kiss that ring.

The ones doing this and wants to challenge the Electoral College now. Is bonkers and insane. As Vice President Pence only have the formalities of announcing the verdict in Congress. His like the one picking the envelope and saying Kendrick Lamar won the Grammy. Not, that Pence that can change that and do the unforgiving deed of making another man a victor. Even if the Senators or the GOP twisted people think so.

The rallies and “Stop the Steal” can take a rest. The ones who has done the thieving is the GOP themselves. The ones that gerrymandering to the insane. The ones that makes it harder for minorities to vote. The ones that makes it easier to enlist to the army, than it is vote in places. Where the polling stations are lesser and only more in the “red” districts. Therefore, the ones stealing and disenfranchising is them. They do it cleverly by issuing law and using state legislators to fix it. Still, we know the game and they know it too.

These folks want a “Papa Don” so badly. They want a blood-thirsty, war-hawk and a paranoid narcissist to rule the Republic. These folks wants a guy that never takes responsibility and never take credit for bad results. They want the man who hasn’t done much to stem the COVID-19 spread or ensured safety of Americans. As 300,000 Americans has died of this during his term alone. That is the sort of fella that rather use hours on golf courses, than actually govern.

They want that guy to continue. As they know they will have no accountability, transparency or even have to think twice to do the ill-advised. Since there is no retribution or repercussions anyway. So why bother right?

These folks are really bonkers and insane. They are the ones that want a “Papa Don”. These folks want it so badly. They don’t care about the ballots or electioneering. They only care about power and keeping the office. At all costs, because principals and ideals doesn’t matter to them. They just want to eat, dine and spend the spoils.

These folks don’t care about the rights of citizens to vote. No, that they have disregarded for so long. That is why this party is wrecking states legislature to make it harder for people to drop a ballot. This is why they are only crediting the results in their favour and dismissing the ones who doesn’t go their way.

That is why “Papa Don” is damn important. As Biden will not be their automatic token friend. They will not be cronies under him. That is why they are frightened and rather have a dictator, than actually an elected President. That says a lot and it says more about this representatives then they ever would imagine. Because, these fellas cannot now come out with statements for democracy or rule of law. When they are willing to circumvent all of that for “Papa Don”. That is hypocrisy and they will do that, but then the public, the media and everyone has to call them out on it.

Since they haven’t pledge the allegiance to the Republic, but apparently they have done so to “Papa Don”. Peace.

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