Cote d’Ivoire: La Force d’une Cote d’Ivoire Rassemblee – Communique de la Direction du RHDP (30.12.2020)

Opinion: This election is just depressing…

There is no hope.

There is no shadow of a doubt.

There is no signs of free and fair elections in sight. Not even free and fair abilities to campaign or even try to operate during the “Elections Road Map”.

The authorities, the state and all its weaponry is forcing the opposition to cease operations. People are dying by association. People are arrested for being participants in the campaigns and citizens are injured for passing by convoys. There is no good news and only depressing news.

The President can walk around and have campaign ceremonies everywhere. Opening up ghost-projects, re-issuing old projects and looking grand at actually doing his supposed job of 35 years. While not spelling out the funding or who is actually paying the prices for the infrastructure or basic investments. His awaiting glory for posing at factories, road-projects and planned government buildings. Like that is big-whoop.

While his opposition is tear-gassed, injured and detained. While the Police Force is blocking and shedding no tears ambushing and destroying the activities of the opposition. Nothing is fair here. As the airwaves are filled with new speeches and promised of the President nearly every single night. Where his also forcefully saying he will destroy or deploy enough law enforcement to crush anyone in his path.

That is why everything is depressing. It is disappointing. If the Commonwealth, IGAD or EAC signs this one off in the Election Monitoring Mission (EOM) or any other sort of organization. We know it is a lie.

This isn’t an election with promise. It is only an election with the prospects of pre-ticked ballots and rigged affairs to ensure the longevity of the NRM. The rest is just playing for keeps and securing their relevance. These are toys for the authorities to play around with. To fatigue and possibly weaken as much as possible. No care in the world for justice, freedom or liberty for the people opposing the current regime. No these folks got to suffer, one way or another.

That is is why January 14th 2021 is already written in stones. The sign of the sky and position of the stars is already aligned with the coming results. The dawn of a new day is yet to be determined, but the destination is for the incumbent and forever Mr. Sunday.

There is no signs of change, hope or even daring possibility of sudden twist. Unless, there is a certain spark and flair that the state cannot control. Until now, the army, law enforcement and anyone in power will feel safe. They are not fearing the opposition or their supporters. They think they can contain it. They think they are gullible and able to silence them like in the past.

Time will tell, but I am less hopeful. There been to many deaths, to many abducted and to many detained for this election. It is no middle-ground or possible good return on the investment. Only more suffering and hardships. While the same man lives to hold office.

2021 elections is only days away, but it will feel like forever. The ambitions of others will be dismissed and destroyed. That is just the mere reality. The armed forces and state will secure that by any means. Treason charges or whatnot will all appear and the state will arrest anyone who dares to oppose. This is how it seems these days.

That is why its depressing. There is no hope or possible outcome, which seems redeeming for the Republic. The state is not showing any signs of positive actions. Only more pain and suffering. Peace.

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Pre-emptive arrests of the NUP Team and Bobi Wine in Kalangala District

What happened in Kalangala District today as the campaign was scheduled there is very simple. The Uganda Police Force says they kept him with “restraint” which is a bunch of bollocks. Because, the state has no tools in the shed to use that for. They can arrests and detain a person. 

The Police in Kalangala did firs arrest Bobi Wine and the 90 people associated with his team. They were physically moved from their location to the Kalangala Police Station. As they are later moved again to be airlifted to Kampala or Wakiso. The home of Bobi Wine in Magere.

However, this isn’t “restraint” as that is nonsense. What it is a pre-emptive arrest. Meaning they are preventing something from happen and arresting the person before doing. As they are incriminating someone and saying the person is about to commit an offence before doing. That means, they are forcefully taken the person away from the supposed crime scene before it happens. This means, the state better have prepared evidence of the supposed crime and usage of criminal behaviour. As they have made a criminal case before it even happened.

This is the same thing as arresting someone for criminal conspiracy. Someone is about to do crime. A few thieves in a den is planning to rob a bank. They have made the plans, got the insider tip and prepared to empty the vault. However, someone snitched and told the authorities. Therefore, the state could raid the den and arrest the thieves even before their acted upon criminal enterprise. The same happened today to Bobi Wine.

This here is an pre-emptive arrest and not showing restraint. That is just a mere fact. The same has been done with other opposition leaders in the past. Like the days of house-arrests for Erias Lukwago, Ingrid Turinawe, Kizza Besigye and others. They have all been pre-emptive arrested by the authorities in their homes. Blocked from leaving their homes to do their political work.

The same is now happening to Bobi Wine and his team. The National Unity Platform (NUP) is directly under siege, arrested and forcefully moved from a place. This by the authorities who better have collected “evidence” and “intelligence” to prove the “quest” for this mission and operation. Because, they have to answer sooner or later to the courts. As they are the ones that used these means to get Bobi Wine and his fellow behind bars. Later airlifted away from Kalangala district.

That is the mere reality of this. They can claim its not an arrest, but it is. It is an pre-emptive one. Since they prevented Bobi Wine from doing something. Peace.

Bobi Wine airlifted or abducted from Kalangala district [rumours: to his home]

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine who was scheduled to hold a rally in Kalangala district today. Where the early reports was that his team and allies was arrested by the Police. Later in the day now. While the police is using tear-gas to disperse the crowds.

There is now reports that Bobi Wine is “arrested” or “abducted” from the venue by a army helicopter. This is physically moving him from the venue and from the campaign trail. The whole team of 90 was taken by the authorities.

The state isn’t calling it an arrest, but it is pre-emptive action and done with deliberate moves. As there are no charges or warrants of this action. Only that the Presidential Candidate is taken and they are supposed to air-lift him to Magere in Wakiso.

What is also reported is that the BBS TV Journalist Culton Scovia Nakamya was arrested today as she was reporting on the campaign of Bobi Wine.

We know the authorities are up to no-nonsense and full panic-mode, when this is stated online:
“We would like to clarify that the candidate was restrained for continuously holding massive rallies amidst the increased threats of coronavirus, in total disregard of the Electoral commission and Ministry of health guidelines. He’s being transferred to his home in Magere, Kampala. Part of his advance team, captured on Cctv cameras and several video footages, while deflating tyres of police motor vehicles , inciting violence, obstructing police officers on duty, violating the health and safety protocols and various traffic offences, have been arrested” (Uganda Police Force, 30.12.2020).

Because like always in the matters of the authorities in the Republic. The victims of the political arrests are the ones to blame. Never the police who has the guns, the ammunition and the weaponry to cause harm. That is why its suspect that it only happens to the opposition and they are doing it like this on the regular.

They are clearly blocking all his ways to move and even airlifts him. Hopefully, they will tow his cars and all other personal effects to Magere too. As they should be liable for the belongings of NUP on the island. As they were the ones moving him with force from there.

Even if the state doesn’t call it an arrest. It is in a fashion. Because they are forcing him from campaigns. They are taken him and his team away. This is an pre-emptive arrests, which have been used to other opposition candidates in the past. Then it has been house-arrests without court orders. Now, its happening here after days of suspending campaigns.

The President and authorities must be so proud of this clandestine operation. Peace.

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