Opinion: Abiy is living on a lie

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is now living on lie. He might not consider that himself. The reality is that he will sooner or later realize that. The world is slow to catch this lie. They are hopeful the “progress” and “reforms” will settle in. However, that is just smokescreen to all the devious acts in the works.

It is just like the start of all of this was the consolidation of power and the inner-circle. Where the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF), the political coalition became one party. Accept the party Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which is now deemed an “terrorist” and “illegal”. A former ally turned arch-enemy and is now fighting a brutal war since the 3rd November 2020. Where the media black-out and the murky shadows of intelligence only tells smalls stories from what is happening in the region.

Alas, the Prime Minister is more bloodthirsty, as he has allies in Eritrea. He has no trouble using para-military groups like the Amhara named “Fano” to attack civilians. The PM has even gone across the border and attacked areas within Sudanese territory. That is the sort of man he his. While there was reports of supposed questions of getting reinforcement and a brigade from South Sudan. However, that never really happened, but reports that Addis Ababa was willing. Just like they had no trouble to co-ordinate attacks on Tigray together with Asmara. This really says a lot about this man.

Prime Minister Abiy who haven’t settled or created peace. A man who is feeding the fires. There are no battles within Meketel Zone. Where the armed forces are involved and 100,000 people are internally placed. God knows who many who has died there, but expect terrible numbers.

There is still conflict in Ogaden region and even across into the Afar Region. There is also skirmishes and brutal attacks on civilians from law enforcement in Oromia. It is just like everyone can be touched and get silenced by the authorities. While the supposed “enemies” are the problem. Nevertheless, the reports later on is that government forces or law enforcement was behind the fatalities. Even the sky-rocketing numbers of political prisoners who have been detained during his reign.

The Prime Minister and the state is preparing in elections. We know it is a charade. A rubberstamping exercise only to finally “legitimize” the throne. What Abiy always wanted. The glory, the throne and become King.

The man that tricked the world. That he was coming in peace. Settling old debts and scores. Wanting to resolve matters. Now his burning villages, pillaging factories and destroying lives on a daily basis. In various of zones and regions, from Tigray to Oromia. There is no Silence of the Guns. If the African Union works on doing so. Another program to get the donors to sponsor, but not do anything about it.

The Prosperity Party and their magnificent paperwork doesn’t matter. When civilians is humiliated in the streets. When sons are arrested because of the activism of their father. Freedom and liberty in the reign of Abiy is a far-fetched ideal.

Abiy isn’t a man of peace. His an old-school warlord and a warrior. He came in a cloak of peace, but he was wearing a shirt of army-fatigue underneath. His the high-priest of rule of law, but uses that as a tool to oppress the ones who stands in his way. Everyone who crosses his path and is an adversaries will suffer.

The ones who haven’t gotten that memo haven’t seen what has happened to the leadership of the Oromo Opposition Parties and neither the TPLF. That is just a mere reality we are living in. This man will bury you or let you linger indefinitely in dungeons. As long as he gets the throne and the glory. He will let you kin burn and come with all of his forces. Just to ensure your fear and admire his army. That is who Abiy is.

This is why what is happening to the civilians across the Republic. The continued rise of fatalities. The destruction of Tigray. The severe and prolonged oppression in Oromia. God knows what is happening in Afar and Ogaden. However, don’t expect it to be godly, but be bloody. That is who these men are. They are vicious and answers with guns. These folks are not coming with dialogue or peace. That is only used for publicity and the next days the place is burning again.

Prime Minister Abiy is living on a lie. It is just a matter of time before the world catches on this too. He tricked them, but at one point or another. When enough reports and stories from fleeing victims comes to the press. That will show the world who he really is and what he does. The time of reckoning is soon there.

Sometimes the world wants to be fooled. You can fool someone once, but usually your not able to do it twice. This time around he couldn’t do the trick twice, as the guns and warfare undermines his image and his supposed “vision”. Peace.

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