Opinion: Even if the Museveni letter’ is fake [the acts of oppression make it seem true]

Even if it is fake or not. The stories the whole letter tell seems plausible…

There was a leak of a letter today. Both Don Wanyama and Rwakakamba Morrison have called these two letters out. The one letter being from President Museveni to Secretary General Lumumba. Where he states certain factors and ways to operate.

However, whatever these two cronies are stating. As both of them are connected to the inner-circle and the State House. They are both aligned with the President and his machinery. They know perfectly well that the state and party isn’t separated other than in theory.

The state is using the Residential District Commanders and District Police Commanders to stop the opposition from campaigning. They are using the police force and the army to block venues. To ensure the opposition cannot operate or hold rallies. They are blocking off roads, stopping convoys from passing and stopping people gathering in the towns.

The Internal Security Organization (ISO) and the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) is both busy abducting, detaining and keeping political candidates, activists and other incommunicado. They are targeting the opposition and securing their lives are tormented for their decisions to stand up against the state. This is why NUP and FDC candidates/activists are suddenly vanished overnight by authorities like these.

Therefore, with that knowledge. The letter between the President and Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) aren’t far from the truth. The President is already using the security organizations to choke the opposition. That is going directly in and using blunt violent force towards them. Where the law abdicates, as he can deem people “illegal” and “unlawful” before the courts of law. This is initially the acts of the state and repression.

The usage of this bondage. That the residing ruler is using says it all. Even if the letter dated back to 14th December 2020 isn’t true. Still, the facts remains, that it’s not far fetched. It is not a “deep fake” because the abductions and keeping civilians incommunicado for days and weeks prove the reality on the ground. That the ones opposing can easily be taken and put into “safe-houses” or detained at SIU Kireka without any charges or court order. This is something the Don Wanyamas and Rwakakamba’s of the world cannot deny.

The acts of the state in this election proves it all. That the state apparatus is working for the NRM and not vice versa. The state authorities are following commands from the “high above” and doing his bidding. That is just a mere fact of what has gone done. How the state has acted towards the NUP and the FDC alone. Not to mention some of the Independent Presidential Candidates. That is just vicious attempts of causing fear and intimidation to spike fear in men.

All of the activities that is known and the knowledge of these. Shows that the letters itself could have happen. Therefore, the ones saying its fake and dismissing it is sort of foolish too. Because, the acts of the state is evidence of mischief.

The usage of shooters, soldiers and security organizations to thwart the works of the opposition is clear. The men in plain clothes shooting at civilians with live-bullets is a story in itself. Something that the President and his cronies never have addressed or taken to account. We are just supposed to forget that and all the fallen civilians during this campaign. Like they don’t matter. Like we are supposed to forget all the ones abducted and incommunicado too.

Heck, the state should address that. The cronies should show proof why the need to arrest activists and keep them at unknown place for days. That is the worrying state of affairs. These folks are not ordered from the opposition to target opposition. No, they are targeted by the state i.e. the “high above” and the State House. Since, that is where this sort of operation stems from.

They can lie, say someone fell of a truck or some other sort of sorry ass excuse. The reality is still this: people are dying and its only happening at opposition convoys and to people associated with the opposition. The NRM people die either a natural death or by some sort of decease. They don’t die during the campaigns because some boggy-men shot them. Hell nah, that’s not happening anytime soon. That is only happening in and around the opposition. Peace.

Second part of the letter… might be fake.

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