Bobi Wine’s Message of Hope in these troubling times

I want to tell Museveni and his cronies, we’re not going to give up or we shall die trying to be free. All this that you’re doing to us is giving us more resolve to fight on. What else can we do to repay for Frank’s life other than fighting on?” Robert Kyagulanyi (29.12.2020)

Today, National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine held his Presser after suspending his campaign after the fatalities and brutality against his campaign in Masaka. The message he comes with is so important. As it is a sign of hope in the midst of oppression.

When we are seeing the authorities are abducting, arresting and detaining people incommunicado for days. As they are standing up against the dictatorship. This is happening to the NUP and the FDC. Both parties are targeted. Bobi Wine is still challenging the President and his regime heads-on. His resolve haven’t stopped and the state cannot stop his ambition.

Parts of the speech today was so powerful. Just read it here:

The police spokesperson Enanga has become a shame to this nation. He keeps lying with impunity. The truth can’t be hidden forever. They lied that Frank fell off a vehicle. I repeat, Frank was knocked by an army vehicle, I challenge them to produce the CCTV footage. The state is now targeting journalists cause they fear cameras, they fear the truth coming out. Journalists, you’re the reason we keep moving, keep exposing the truth. I thank you for walking out on the disrespectful spokesperson. Thank you for not taking that nonsense. Some years ago, the NRM secretary general Kasule Lumumba said ‘the state shall kill your children’. The state has not stopped killing our children, our sons and daughters, our mothers but we’ll continue to soldier on and fight for our freedom” (Robert Kygulanyi, 29.12.2020).

This one here is so vital and so important. In this dire times. When the oppression is at all time high. When the state brutality and injustice persist in a manner, which resembles the actions of the ones this regime toppled. When people are tortured, arrested and killed for their association. That is a dark time. A time that the President and his cronies is so proud of.

Bobi Wine stand up against it. Even when everything is working against him. There is no sign of change or hopeful ending at this point. Only more horrific acts, more devastations and fatalities. I wish I was wrong, but this government doesn’t value life. They only value on man’s life over the Republic. That is why they are all targets and in the scope of heavy artillery like they are all terrorist for standing up against him.

Bobi Wine’s message is sincere and needed. It is a pain and troubling. Just like the times we are in. We are seeing a government willing to do whatever to stifle and stop the tracks of the opposition. Nothing is forbidden and a no-go zone. They can kill and destroy people heads-on without any repercussions. They can take lives and it costs nothing. Where they blame the dead and the ones in association, but not the ones pulling the trigger or the ones ordering the demise of others. They are promoted and getting raise. That is the tragic affair and the state that the President reside over.

NUP and FDC will be in havoc until the polls and even more after. There will be retribution and no redemption. Only more suffering. This state doesn’t care as long as one man stays on top. Peace.

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