FDC Presidential Candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat arrested in Jinja district…

4UPDATE: FDC presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat has been arrested in Buwenge town council as he headed to Jinja district from Kamuli” (Radio 4 – 103.3 FM, 27.12.2020).

As we speak the Police Force abducted Forum for Democratic Change Patrick Oboi Amuriat from his vehicle in Jinja district as he was campaigning.

The Police have been in the direct of Kampala, but for now we don’t know which way they are taking. Neither is there any knowledge of what caused this or what law his supposed to have violated. As he was taken brazenly from the campaign trail with no proper cause or warrant.

This unwarranted arrest of the FDC Presidential Candidate. Is yet another act of injustice during this campaign.

If he would enter some sort of Police Station before the night. That wouldn’t be shocking. Neither if he suddenly was detained at Nalufenya Police Station or anywhere else. However, that is just mere speculations as to God knows where they are taking him.

Nevertheless, the charade of elections continues and police brutality persists as the state is on overdrive to attack and assault its opposition. Peace.

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