Bobi Wine’s car shot at in Kyotera district

There has already been reported that the authorities have blocked Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from accessing Kyotera town in Kyotera district. That is happening after he has campaigned in Rakai district earlier in the day.

So, as the authorities have blocked him. They have taken it further an flatten his wheels of his car. They actually shot at it again. This time as they we’re leaving Kifuuta village in Kyotera district. Clearly, the state is directly attacking him.

They have already done the same act in Jinja and Rwampara districts. Therefore, the state is really showing no signs of mercy. They are deliberately making it hard for Bobi Wine to campaign ahead of the 2021 polls. These actions are really stopping the NUP Presidential Candidate from doing job and speaking his message to the public.

They are always doing something that can thwart his work. This is another act of deviousness and shows the lack of tolerance for his campaign. When they have done this three times already. That says a lot. Peace.

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