Brexit: So long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Well, Douglas Adams didn’t write this piece. Neither was this hitch-hiking in a galaxy far-far away with a towel. However, it has been a long journey from the referendum to re-issued elections. Changes of Prime Minister’s and a whole lot of organizational mess. So many sackings and letters of resignations. The whole Brexit will go down as a hectic blunder and mess.

The Tories and Boris Johnson can claim victory yesterday. The Prime Minister got too. Because this is all he has. Not like the man has a superb result or anything. The disputed withdrawal agreement of the past versus this one will be icky subject no matter what. The Brexiteers got their will, but maybe not considering the costs. The bills and the extra payments on everything will be billed to the ones who voted this thing. The businesses and the enterprises trading will forfeit that burden on the consumer i.e. the citizens.

The wealthy will not feel so touched by this. The global funds and banks have already moved. Even the ones owned by Tory officials and Tory MPs. These have moved the HQ to Dublin or Frankfurt way before the deal was settled yesterday. They wouldn’t risk losing profits or having EU Single Market to trade in.

The UK are still part of the market with a shoddy trade deal. They have lost all the perks of being a member state. The UK is a Third Country and will be that from now on. Not having benefits or having access as before. There will be more red-tape, more customs issues and standards to figure out.

The UK will really be hit, as the European Commission stated yesterday even with their agreement: “Even with the new EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement in place, there will be big changes on 1 January 2021. On that date, the UK will leave the EU Single Market and Customs Union, as well as all EU policies and international agreements. The free movement of persons, goods, services and capital between the UK and the EU will end. The EU and the UK will form two separate markets; two distinct regulatory and legal spaces. This will create barriers to trade in goods and services and to cross-border mobility and exchanges that do not exist today – in both directions” (European Commission, 24.12.2020).

So, the oven-baked deal and ready set cooking offering of the Tories was never there. Still, to this day there will be an aftermath and effects, which both parties wasn’t prepared for. The promises and pledges of an easy transition was a lie. If it was that easy. It wouldn’t have costed the UK so much already.

Boris celebrating yesterday is because he has too. The publicity stunt of a victory have to look like that. The political gambit of the whole enterprise lives on it. Not like the Brexit will deliver anything substantial in the end. Only more costs and more problems for all. These changes will cause logistical problems, bottle-necks and lorries awaiting their turn in Kent. That is just how things are going and not for the better. Not like Boris is out there ensuring the care or paperwork is prepared for all exports or imports to the UK. No, his enjoy the spoils of his previous victory in Downing Street No. 10.

And you know the UK want to be alone, when the European Commission stated this as well: “Foreign policy, external security and defence cooperation is not covered by the Agreement as the UK did not want to negotiate this matter. As of 1 January 2021, there will therefore be no framework in place between the UK and the EU to develop and coordinate joint responses to foreign policy challenges, for instance the imposition of sanctions on third country nationals or economies” (European Commission, 24.12.2020).

The UK want to do everything on their own as a sovereign. Why bother have alliances or agreements that can be beneficial for all the neighbours and European nations in the first place? When you can solve everything and all threats alone. That is what the Tories are working for and doing. They clearly thinks Whitehall, Downing Street and City of London can cruise on its own without help. That says a lot. They didn’t even want to negotiate or talk about it. As it could be of mutual interests to be partners and co-operate on international security and intelligence. However, the MI-6, MI-5 and Scotland Yard is clearly more operative than the 27 Member States combined.

This shows how some principals are bonkers. The ideal of sovereign is self-destructive. At one point the UK will call for their friends in Europe and seek for co-operation on these matters. Now it seems like a time to cease. However, when the buck stops and they need friends. They will call Brussels and Paris for help. Now it seems like bad timing as they are leaving the EU. However, these sorts of things only make the UK fragile and less measures to secure itself. The needs for cooperation on these matters are vital for all. Therefore, very striking that they wouldn’t even consider it.

Prime Minister Johnson lives on his own hubris. That is shown again. Boris the Blade is back-at-it. A red herring and NHS to the rescue. The UK should expect more austerity and lack of financial growth for the foreseeable future. An self-inflicted recession on top of nationalism, which only will back-fire. Because, the poorest will be further hit and have even less options. While the rich finds new ways to trick the system. That is just the way of the Tories. Peace.

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