Ethiopia: Abiy released his article of manipulation ahead of Christmas Day

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy released his article “Operations to Restore Law and Order in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region: How Did We Get Here?” on the 24th December 2020 on his own webpage. Where he could write and explain again the reasons for the Tigray conflict. As he needs to white-wash the conflict and ensure he has the people on his side. As the warfare continues in Tigray. Which it has done since the 4th November 2020.

The Prime Minister begins with: “As I’ve said before, my own life has taught me that war is “the epitome of hell for all involved”. I did not come to office to take my people to hell; on the contrary, I came to office with a commitment to lead my people towards peace and prosperity” (Abiy, 2020).

This is the same Prime Minister that has issued law enforcement on civilians all across the Republic. Gone hard against the Oromo and their activists. Created fake coup d’etat’s and nothing has ever appeared since. Except the appointments of more token loyalists of him. The Prime Minister talks of hell, but has no issues ordering that on his civilians for the cause of his own hubris.

He continues: “Following their surprise attack on their own unsuspecting fellow Ethiopians, it didn’t take long for the TPLF leadership to start celebrating and gloating in public about their prowess and invincibility in war and how they have now transformed themselves, overnight, into the largest fighting force in the entire Horn of Africa” (Abiy, 2020).

What is striking about this tale about the surprise attack. Was that in advance of this. The ENDF had already transported and aired in soldiers across the borders to Eritrea. To secure the Federal Government could attack the region on more fronts than one. Therefore, the idea that it was done in total darkness and surprise seems weird to me. Especially, when the Eritrean operatives and army also have participated. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister has a story to sell and he has to push the narrative.

The PM continues: “My primary duty as prime minister and commander in chief is to protect the nation and its people from internal and external enemies. That is why the Federal Government launched and successfully executed defensive operations to restore law and order in the Tigray Region, regrettably making the use of force the only tool left in our arsenal” (Abiy, 2020).

The man who quickly said in the end of November 2020 that the 3rd Phase was over. Now, states the defensive measures are over. That shows that he shifts the goal-post and the mission objectives. Unless, his winging it and trying to make sense of the sudden changes. It is weird that its law and order when the Federal Government is killing civilians, causing pain and suffering in the name of the Constitution. That is restoring law and order. Then, I am sure people miss the days of the anarchy and outlaws. Air-strikes and missile launches, soldiers in the streets and Fano burning villages is surely not bringing constitutional order, but more havoc.

He says further: “At the same time, I also know that the Federal Government was forced to engage in this operation for existential reasons – the future of Ethiopia as a sovereign nation and the peaceful co-existence of its people was at stake. The heavy cost we incurred as a nation was necessary” (Abiy, 2020).

Nobody forced him to do this. He can claim so now. However, the planned enterprise is clear. The TPLF might played along with it. As you knew perfectly well what would happen and you would eat in glory if they were all fallen by now. However, you haven’t been able to crack the TPLF leadership or their Executive Committee. Therefore, the “Law Enforcement Operation” haven’t worked perfectly. Alas, you have caused pain and suffering on innocent civilians. He speaks of that, but nobody force anyone to order soldiers on your own civilians. That is blatant lie. The PM could have chosen another path and if he believed so. Abiy could have talked and have dialogue with the one party that didn’t dissolve into the Prosperity Party. So, how its existential to annihilate one party is beyond me. Unless, he wants to become a proper “one-party” state?

In the end he says: “At the same time, the peace and security we have restored at so much cost remain fragile. That is why we are determined to ensure our next elections, scheduled to take place in mid-2021, are fair, free, and inclusive, and that the people of Tigray, like all other Ethiopians, shall soon be led by a regional government of their free own choice” (Abiy, 2020).

When the state is all one-sided and only for one-party. Well, it is a lie that they will be free and fair. These elections are rigged long before they even are scheduled. As the main opponents are either labelled “terrorist” like TPLF or behind bars like the Oromo leadership is. Therefore, the up-coming election is a affair in favour of PP and their “yes-men”. Another election made to secure the “status-quo” and the one man victor. There will be no free and fair elections. Not during the tenure of Abiy.

He will force the results and pre-fix it in a manner, which has been usually during the days of EPRDF. There will be no difference with him. The PM might thinks his words and his publicity stunts will change that. However, the mere actions done by the PM is disconnect from his words. That is why it’s impossible to get free and fair elections. When the Oromo is in jail and the Tigray is burning.

That is why this is trying to manipulate and manufacture a story. When he lies this easily and writes like this. It is evident his not even trying to tell the truth. Just like he did with other stories to in connection to the warfare in Tigray. Sooner or later someone with a bigger platform than mine will address it and undermine his stories. Peace.

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