Opinion: The NRM Way isn’t bettering the Youth Employment like Museveni claims..

At 76, I have no blood pressure because I don’t stress myself like some people who have been worrying too much yet this is not good to their health. You need to tell this to Ugandans that if they follow the NRM advice, the problem of unemployment will be solved” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (24.12.2020)

That the President is so proud of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) ways really says a lot. As the numbers haven’t really changed much or the realities on the ground is much of the same. The public cannot eat the GDP or import numbers. Even if he proclaims greatness that way.

Just like the numbers of participation in the economy for the ages of 15 to 25 years old. Numbers from Macrotrends proves a steady 55 % from the year of 1991 until 2015 when the numbers gotten worse and by 2019 the numbers was down to 51,91%. Still no matter how you look at this numbers in a Republic full of youth and younger generation born after the “liberation” of 1986. Most about 50% of them are not participating in the economy and most of them have never had the ability to do so.

In a DHL Article from 2019: “The situation is grim. A 2015 study by the same organization revealed that the proportion of unemployed youths had risen from 12.3 percent in 2013 to 18.6 percent in 2015, while recent data by the African Development Bank painted a much gloomier picture, placing unemployment figures at up to 83 percent of the nation’s youth population” (DHL – ‘The solution to Uganda’s youth unemployment crisis’ 26.09.2019).

The gig-economy and lack of financial policies helping them. All the money schemes from the government haven’t helped over the years. The NRM haven’t delivered to the youth or made it possible for them to get work or participate in the society. That is why they are willing to do whatever to get food on their plate. This isn’t sustaining society or creating natural growth.

When the President says Ugandans should take his advice. The numbers of unemployment and non-participating is worsening. While the state is stagnate, deficit-financing and a huge debt-burden created by this government. Therefore, this President better seek other advisors and other skilled people. Since his drowning the economy and giving less good lessons to the public,

Instead of giving the public gifts and pledges with promising results. The President will bring bailiffs, sheriffs and undertakers to secure the loans and debts are repaid. The next generation has to figure out the problems created of late. It is the next government and next regime who needs debt relief and austerity means to settle the score. As the President haven’t made it better financially for the economy or industries in general. If he did, the participation of the youth would have been substantially better.

Therefore, the promise to follow the NRM way is really special and weird in concern with the numbers and the lack of proper results. It is not like he has revolutionized or made things possible for more people to get jobs. This is worrying and that his not considering his missteps or where he went lost.

The man has had the time to prove it, but he is careless about it. As the poverty and unemployment is a nice niche to get grants and donations. The rampant poverty is a good way to get multi-national organizations to fund his operations and if he switched this. He would actually have to rise the tax-base and state revenue. Which means the government would actually need to put the work in and deliver for its citizens. That is to much to ask for this President.

His getting free money and can use the poor as an scapegoat to be served funds without doing anything. That is how it seems. This is why your supposed to trust the NRM way and the polices of the President. Because, he needs the naivety and lack of understanding to continue to eat of other people’s plates. Peace.

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