Human Rights Lawyer Opiyo arrested in Kampala

The Human Rights Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo was arrested by security officers in plain-clothes earlier today at Lamwaro Restaurant in Kamwokya in Kampala today. This after his house was raided by unknown people a few days ago.

This is going after a government critic and lawyer who works for human rights and against injustice. So, because of what he does. He gets arrested too. Not that this was warranted or have any open charges on the lawyer.

The location of the arrested lawyer is unknown … and we don’t even if these security operators was part of CMI, ISO or anyone else within the authorities. Because, this is just arresting and abducting a civilian for no apparent reason. That is what the state does to its critics.

Usually they are mobilizers or activists for a opposition and they are getting phony charges. These are taken away at night or early morning. Later the party and organizations wonders where they members and activists are. Therefore, what happened to Opiyo isn’t a new thing, but a worrying sign still.

That someone like his is targeted and easily taken of the streets without any warning. That the state can issue an arrest and abduct him without any precautions. This isn’t a good look. We can wonder how many more who is taken away like this and who is monitored by state. As they have been following Opiyo for a while.

The government of Uganda doesn’t want good press. They just want depressing news, apparently. Peace.

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