South Sudan: A Political Deadlock over the Forever Dynamic Duo…

It is a reason why there haven’t been much movement of the recent agreed peace-agreement and ceasefire. Which is the reason for the current stalemate of Revitalized-Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) and their lacking of honouring the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS). Which to this day isn’t resolved and neither is many aspects of it.

None of the bodies which is supposed to monitor and help the TGoNU ahead isn’t putting enough pressure or even push it ahead in a good direction. It is worrying that so little are being done and the continued presence or inaction. As the R-ARCSS, the deadlines and the implementation it. The leaked report on the National Dialogue have this citation, which states a fact that says it all.

Citation from the Final Report:

Power Struggle and Political Deadlock:” (…) “The Steering Committee of the South Sudan National Dialogue has opted in this final report to narrate these violent episodes of power struggle and political deadlock to make a broader point, which is that President Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have irreconcilable political differences and personal hatred towards one another. They have therefore created an unbreakable political deadlock in the country, and they no longer have the political will or moral leadership capacity to move beyond personal grudges and egos. Our country is stuck in the hands of these two leaders and both have proven beyond reasonable doubt that their joint leadership is no longer capable of getting the country out of its present predicament. It has become increasingly obvious that nothing is likely to improve or work in South Sudan unless this political deadlock is broken. The vicious cycle of the political deadlock is such that whenever President Kiir and Dr. Machar are brought together into one government, that government cannot move forward, because they endlessly disagree. And yet, if they are not in the government together, they are most likely to violently fight one another in a war that neither appears capable of winning. They then get forced to negotiate a formal end to the violence in another power sharing deal which immediately stalls as they cannot cooperate. South Sudan and its people are therefore caught in this tragic vicious cycle” (Sudans Post – ‘FULL-TEXT: Final report of South Sudan’s National Dialogue’ 17.12.2020).

These two are apparently forced to work together and got to work together too. This is two parties that got to start to work together. If the National Dialogue and the R-ARCSS to be deemed successful … the SPLM-IG, SPLM-IO, SSOMA and every other stakeholder needs to cooperate. Unless, they are all planning to stall the operation and waste time before they have to make a new arrangement.

It is not shocking that the Machar and Kiir are not working well together. Last time they re-started the conflict and started fighting inside Juba. Therefore, these two have to work together and trust each other. However, if they want the agreement and get it implemented they need to cooperate.

The President and his FVP needs to work as a team to move things forward. Kiir and Machar needs bury their grudges and move-on. It is easy to say, but they have to do it. That has to be done not for themselves, but for the Republic of South Sudan.

These two leaders needs to get their act together and be professional as they are civil servants and running a transitional government. The President and FVP needs to do that. It is vital not only for themselves, but for the Republic itself. As they are unelected leader, but forever long duo who is in-charge

Machar and Kiir needs to revitalize their relations. They need to work and not be “war-lords”. These two needs become a trusted duo and implement the agreement. Not just create a deadlock, but actually achieve something.

They could have been a power duo and someone remembered for establishing a function government. Not just fully fledged cronyism and postponing the R-ARCSS. Which is the reason for them being together in government.

It is striking that the report says these two doesn’t have the ability or capacity to make difference. Kiir and Machar needs to properly sit down and iron things out. They have had the ceremonies and signing the agreements. Now its about time that they work together too.

The republic deserves that from the current President and FVP. They deserve nothing less… Peace.

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