Opinion: Bebe Cool the yellow snitch?

Temilade Openiyi aka Tems and Stanley Omah Didia aka Omah Lay was arrested on the 13th December after holding an concert on the 12th December 2020 in Kampala, Uganda. These two Nigerian artists was paid to perform and gotten clearances to be there. Clearly they had been vouched for and the whole concert happened without any problems. However, the after aftermath have been something else.

Where people rightfully so were saying these was the wrong people to arrest. They we’re taken to Katwe Police Station. Charged for breaching COVID-19 Guidelines and so on. These two artists did that, but initially that is the fault of the organizers and the authorities allowing it to happen in the first place. Not the ones performing on stage. They are just on stage and is allowed to perform.

That is why the aftermath is so important. The state did release the artists and drop their charges after the outrage. Also, after Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine used his legal team to pressure the authorities for their release. While the state itself said it do so after diplomatic pressure. Lastly, one proud man Bebe Cool said he was working for their release.

However, the whole deal with Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has backfired. This time around his not getting away with his behaviour. The man of the President and a loyal cadre. Bebe Cool is a Yellow Influencer and a Ugandan artist. Who knows enough people in Kampala to get things done.

Now, last night on Twitter one of the artist set the record straight. Tems spoke out calling Bebe Cool out for his behaviour. The man was said to have called the police on them. Sitting and chilling with the police officers while they we’re arrested. That you we’re following the police all around and even bribed yourself to get the release documents. So, it could look like you had anything to do with the release. Which apparently you didn’t.

Bebe Cool even stated on Social Media on 14th December this: I called for this concert to be stopped and the authorities did not do so then. Damage has been done but we can avoid more damage. Free the artists and blame the organisers” (Bebe Cool, 14th December 2020).

Bebe Cool is claimed to have snitched, that he ratted them out and called the police on them. And after it happen. He wanted the glory for freeing them. That shows a deceiving man. The artist shows his play for the facade and how he wants to play games. Get headlines and credit, but how he also made it happen to Tems and Omah Lay. He was willing to get them detained. To later get the flash of “freeing” them. When he only did one and not the other.

What is also striking is the allegation that the manager of Tems states, which says Bebe Cool called the Press and was there on the release to take the glory. Even downplaying the Nigerian music and such too them as well. That it wasn’t that big and such in their face after the release. That says a lot about his ego and his manners.

They knew how he acted around the police officers and stated it clearly. The know about enough things and how it went down. You even went out and tried to stop it. Because the concert hurt the local music industry and yourself. However, if Bebe Cool did call and hang out with the police officers in and around the Nigerian artists. He has clearly went out of step and deserves to be blasted online.

His the yellow rat, the yellow tattle-tale and the one who used his suction and influence in the Republic to get these folks arrested. Maybe as a signal.. this is my domain and I’m the one you need support of to perform. I wouldn’t be shocked if Bebe Cool thought that high and mighty of himself. Even though his used by the authorities to give away t-shirts and door-to-door mission. Performing at rallies and not his own concerts. That need political support to get a life and his deeply engrained in the Presidency. In such a manner, which his career now depend on it.

Bebe Cool has lost one now. This is much bigger than the lack of confidence in the man. We know his stooge and a apologist of the dictatorship. That is who Bebe Cool is.. and the world should know. So a person like that selling out other artists for loyalty would make sense. It would make perfect sense, as he does the authorities well and could easily have a blast with them. While the Nigerians was behind bars. That seems fitting. Not like Bebe Cool have cried out loud when others been detained or gotten injustice in the Republic. His only cried havoc when they threw bottles on stage.

Tems and the manager exposed the man. Showed a very devious side of Bebe Cool. Which shouldn’t be surprising. His hanging around the NRM and see how they operate. Now he tried to play their game, but he did it with people who has platform and can blast him in-front of the whole continent. Not just some up-county artist he can screw over. No, this became much bigger and the headlines in outlets says so.

Bebe Cool isn’t addressing it. Because him and his team knows he loosing on it. That is why his downplaying and not reacting to it. Even though he knows that he did wrong. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be this defensive and not utter a single word or statement. Peace.

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