Opinion: Abiy gone from the “Big Brother” to a Bounty Hunter

“I want them to hear me: Yesterday evening, around midnight, we saw them from the situation room in the area between Hagere Selam and Abiy Addi,” Abiy said in remarks to lawmakers, referring to two towns west of the Tigray capital Mekele. “We didn’t attack them at night because as they retreated they took their wives, children and abducted soldiers… But this will not continue.”” (Ahram Online – ‘ Ethiopia’s Abiy says has Tigray leaders in his sights’ 30.11.2020).

This here was parts of speech to the House of Federation as the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali wanted to show his strength and control of the conflict. Which he has issued in the Tigray Region on the 3rd November 2020. Just after a few weeks time he wanted to tell and show the world that he had the world by the balls. However, that isn’t true.

As another 18 days from the 30th November 2020 the Prime Minister and his men doesn’t have the CCTV on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Central Committee. Now, they don’t have them monitored on wire-tap. The State have clearly no idea where the TPLF leadership is located. If they did. They wouldn’t 2 weeks later ask for bounty hunters to rescue them. Maybe, even mercenaries will start coming to hunt after them.

Addis Ababa December 18/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense Force announced a reward of 10 million Birr to anyone who provides information on the whereabouts of the TPLF junta leaders. Head of Information Department at the Ministry of National Defense Force, Lieutenant General Asrat Denero told journalists today that members of the National Defense Force and Federal Police are working in partnership to bring the junta leadership to justice as soon as possible” (Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) – ‘Ministry to Reward 10 Mln Birr for Information on Whereabouts of TPLF Cliques’ 18.12.2020).

What we can wonder about? Where did the eyes of the state go?

Since they had the leadership of TPLF at their fingertips. They were in the magical sphere of the situation room. As the Federal Government was closing in on them. The National Army, Amhara Paramilitary Group (Fano) and Eritrean Army all going after the TPLF. However, all of these forces and their enterprise clearly didn’t have the sights on them as he said.

Now the Bounty Hunters are called in and the Ghostbusters too. The whole brigade as they want the rats and snitches to call the police. The authorities who are having a Law Enforcement Operation and not calling it warfare.

The Prime Minister should answer for this, because something isn’t adding up. That he has them in the Situation Room a few weeks ago and now needs advice to find them. This is peculiar lie, but wars also undress emperors and their motives.

There is little redeeming factors to this. The Prime Minister boosted his ego, but really didn’t have it. Wanted to sound flamboyant, but in the end the lie caught him. If he knew where they were and are. He wouldn’t need some random advice and guidance on way to find them.

Who is he kidding here?

He lied about the refugees and now he lied about the TPLF in his scope. We can wonder what’s next, but a truth teller the PM isn’t. Caught in another one yet again. Peace.

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