Ethiopia: Bounty put on the TPLF leaders

Addis Ababa December 18/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Ministry of National Defense Force announced a reward of 10 million Birr to anyone who provides information on the whereabouts of the TPLF junta leaders. Head of Information Department at the Ministry of National Defense Force, Lieutenant General Asrat Denero told journalists today that members of the National Defense Force and Federal Police are working in partnership to bring the junta leadership to justice as soon as possible” (Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) – ‘Ministry to Reward 10 Mln Birr for Information on Whereabouts of TPLF Cliques’ 18.12.2020).

This is a continued measures put on the Tigray Peolpe’s Liberation Front (TLPF) and their Central Committee members. These are now directly attacked and planned arrests of. That is not shocking, as there been rumours of arrests on the 6th December 2020. Which apparently wasn’t true… and was mere speculations.

The Tigray conflict has been going strong since 3rd November 2020. It is now prolonging. Already in the end of November 2020 the Prime Minister said the Federal Government was starting the “Final Phase” which is still continuing to this day. Meaning weeks after calling the end … they are now calling for bounties on their heads. That shows the citizens and population of the region is supporting their leaders. Not being behind the interim regional government appointed by Addis Ababa.

That is why the Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister Abiy is using this scheme to see if they can get ratted out. It is very special to promise money to people who have frozen bank-accounts and cannot access their money in the banks. The state has frozen the money and stopped them from even getting it out. While the state have blocked aid, international aid and only very limited supply to all the ones in need.

Therefore, the addition of giving money here is vicious. As even if the Tigrayans did take it and told on the TPLF Central Committee members who are fugitives in their own state and republic. The TPLF have been deemed an “terrorist organization” by the House of Federation. Therefore, they have legitimized their means of destruction and deployment of the army in Tigray. This has been done now since early November 2020. So, the state have professed to have control of the region and taking over major towns and vital routes. However, they are not instilled or have the loyalty of the region.

If the Prime Minister and PP has the region in their hands. Why are they doling out money to get witnesses and snitches on their elected leadership?

The Federal Government are showing how they are lacking intelligence or getting information. When they have to pay people to get valuable information about the possible location or where they was spotted last. If the rumours or speculations earlier this month is true… then the government should find people who is dressed like priests. Because, that was the speculated way they got arrested.

Well, the state is clearly not handling this well and very reactionary. As they are doing this now. After all their efforts. The usage of the National Army, Amhara paramilitary group (Fano) and the Eritrean Army. All of this armies and soldiers on the ground have clearly not massed up to TPLF. As they we’re able to run away from battlefields of the region.

That says a lot… It is really rich for someone saying they have control and ended the battle early. Is now asking for bounties on their heads. Hoping for either snitches or bounty hunters to find the TPLF Central Committee. Peace.

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