Hennessey Tales Part IV: Sonko’s Last Call

Today, the impeachment was finalized in the Senate. On the 17th December 2020, the Nairobi Governor who served Nairobi County since 2017 is finally history. The man of the whiskey, flex and dancing like a dapper rapper is history.

However, that is only for now. This man has been able to get away from prison and revive his outcome to become a governor. It is early to say its final destination. Nevertheless, for now his “lonely” like fellow Konvict Akon. His out and about… and got little to show for it.

He had the office and the title. Governor of the capital and signed that off too. The man gave away his prominence and wasted a grand opportunity. Instead of making more friends. This man was able to make enemies. In a den full of thieves and filled with people who pockets on their time in office. He wasn’t capable of making deals, which was beneficial for them all. That is why he had to fall.

Not like this man was saint. Neither was the previous governors of Nairobi. Evans Kidero wasn’t anything better. Therefore, Sonko was just a rip-off and the new-money personalized. His the WaBenzi and wealth in the flesh. This is why “everything gold” like Trinidad James. Smirking in picturesque places and with fresh clothes. Just as he runs from a fashion show. That is the sort of fella Sonko looks like to me.

This is why his demeanour and acts have put people off. Since he has shown and flexed his wealth. Acted ignorant and foolish. Taken lightly to the office and not even knowing what he has signed off. Which he stated himself when he signed of things to the NMS. Sonko claimed he was drunk when parts of Nairobi government got signed off to another entity. That is the sort of neglect he has done in office.

That is why its easy to target the man. Not only is he doing publicity stunts and showing off.

If Sonko wants to be a celebrity he can join other professions than politics. Though the big game and gravy-train is there. Businesses are run to the ground and politicized. That is why Mumias, Uchumi and Nakumatt is failing or even bankrupt at some points. This is all because of how the government behaves and how they are able to operate as companies. Only the ones with enough political muscles can survive. That is how it seems.

Now Sonko is off the hook and impeached. His saga is done for now. This chapter is closed. Unless, he suddenly is able to get his alcoholic mind and spirit into a more poignant drive. Show some finesse and find a smart way out of this.

Yes there will be a new election or by-election for a new governor. The Jubilee have to find another candidate in his place within 60 days and that election will happen quickly. The government and allies have to work quickly to find a solution and someone deemed fit for them. They clearly dispatched this man away. We can wonder if there will be piled cases in the court system too. As there was misconduct and graft allegations against the man. However, will he try to pin this on others than himself and also retaliate against his former allies? That is always an option, but will he dare?

Sonko better stop the Hennessey tales and get a grip. He lost this one. The big-man is just a commoner now. His friends and allies all dropped him.

This was the last call. Peace.

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