Opinion: Museveni continues to tarnish the #FreeBobiWine demos and intimidate Police Officers…

I congratulate the UPDF for defeating the insurrection that the traitors, with the foreign backers, attempted to stage a few weeks back. The Police Force must be made to do its duty of defending Ugandans from lawlessness, threat to life and property, any police person, that does not do this, must leave the Police. There are thousands ready to replace them” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – New Appointments memo to the UPDF & UPF, 16.12.2020).

Today the new appointments and changes within the leadership in Uganda People’s Defence Force aka National Army and Uganda Police Force was official. As the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni made swift changes and moved around personnel. This is not new, but something he does irregularly.

What was more striking than the actual changes was the way he ended it. As the old man with the hat. Was proud of the killings of the plain-clothed soldiers and armed personnel who did the extra judicial killings, which was promised to be investigated, but nothing has happened. That is not strange when the President is proud of it and continues to push unsubstantial claims without any evidence. As he is backed by foreigners and his budgets has been for years. So, him saying that is nonsense until any proof is delivered. Which will never happened. Just like we never got any evidence of the Arua stone.

It is tragic that the President is like this, but he lives and thrives on fear. President Museveni needs that to be in office. That is why his using these means and saying it this way. That he states it like this about the #FreeBobiWine riots or demonstrations. Where he cannot prove anything and neither can any of “his” security organizations. Calling citizens traitors, but not proving the treachery. That is a huge charge on citizens without any evidence.

The way the Police Force is addressed is also striking. That he says its easily to change the personnel and the police officers. This means for him that anyone else is replaceable, but not himself ironically. The Police can easily be replaced by someone else. They are told they are not doing their job good enough. Which is also intimidating them and inciting fear of their job. That their work is on the line and someone else can come in their place. To say that is challenging them to deliver.

That is what the President does and he does it a month ahead of the polls. This is clearly a message to them. To ensure the Police Officers acts accordingly and be vigilant towards the demonstrators and possible riots. The ones that doesn’t follow can leave the Force.

This says how much the President values the most important reasons for his prolonged time in power. The ones that is on the frontline for him He clearly doesn’t value them and sends them threats too. The Afande, Kifeesi and everyone else should know this. Peace.

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