Opinion: Muntu your way won’t work [Alert the ANTs]

Muntu said Museveni needs to be peacefully retired from power through ballots and not forced out. When told by residents that Museveni, will, as usual, steal the votes, Muntu said that was just the propaganda sold by the regime to create a sense of uncertainty and hopelessness amongst Ugandans” (URN – ‘No need for ‘Plan B’ to oust Museveni out of power – Muntu’ 14.12.2020, The Observer).

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Presidential Candidate (rtd) Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu are now saying that the ballots will force President Museveni out of power. This man has seen how Museveni works since the Bush. Muntu was even participating and had ambition to become a journalist post Bush-War. However, he became part of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) before falling out in the 1990s.

Therefore, if someone knows the conning ways of President Museveni. Muntu knows this and he cannot believe his own words. Museveni will not retire through the ballots. The President will only retire with a revolution to topple him or by natural death of old age. As his already in the advance age…

Muntu could act a fool, but trying to sell this idea in 2020 should be a foolish enterprise. Nobody within their right mind can believe that the Presidential Election will be moment that brings down Museveni. If Muntu believes this… his either naive or dumb.

That ship has sailed a long time ago. The President will not retire over an lost election. He will rig it to oblivion and do what he does. Museveni will not stop now. He changed the Constitution for a reason and to stay in power.

Muntu most know this, but why is he selling this story? What reason is it for selling this in 2020? When we have seen how the President has acted since 1996. Like we don’t know how he has rigged the elections in 2001, 2006, 2011 and 2016. It is just like… Muntu doesn’t know and thinks January 2021 will be any different.

It is not propaganda. It is the modus operandi of the regime. The NRM will not let anyone else win. To think otherwise in naive at this moment. It is like Muntu didn’t see or live through the previous elections. Seeing how the Reform Agenda or Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was cheated in previous times.

Muntu are you for real? Are you this deluded? I just got to ask…

Because, Muntu it seems like it and someone needs to give you some guidance, if you believes this. You are a pragmatic man, but this is foolish at the best. Peace.

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