Uganda: Omah Lay arrested in Katwe, but the ones allowing the concert should be investigated!

UPDATE: Nigerian artiste Omah Lay, has been arrested by Katwe Police alongside the manager of the venue one Ivan Ddungu and the events manager Prim Kasana, Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Oweyesigyire says” (Daily Monitor, 13.12.2020).

Last night Nigerian artist Omah Lay and others held a Concert in Kampala, Uganda. For some strange reasons this went under the radar and was able to perform without any hurdles or issues. All day yesterday social media was furious that a foreigner and his team could perform while Ugandan artists cannot perform at all.

The Presidential Guidelines, the SOPs and COVID-19 regulations have stopped concerts all year. This seemed like hypocrisy and a stunt. What is more striking that the day after the events. The authorities are going after the culprits and the ones arranging it. Instead of looking into the people who made it happen.

The Nigerian artist and his team needed a go sign, the venue needed to register and get a “yes”. These two have to work in tandem. The artists and the team around them worked with the local venue, authorities and whatnot to make it happened. As he has travelled from Nigeria to perform in Uganda.

That is why its dumb to arrest Omah Lay and the ones surrounding him. The investigation should go into the ones who approved it and who profited from the event. Not go after the main artist. Yes, I understand the arrest of Ivan and Prim. They have some handling of the events that transpired. However, these two also got a thumbs up and acted accordingly.

This here is foolishness at best. The Police should investigate who made it happen and then charge with evidence. To prove the possible breaches of guidelines and regulations in concern of the spread of COVID-19. Not just take a clean sweep and think this is it.

This will only cause heartache and outrage. As Omah Lay is only an artist who is booked to a cleared venue and performed. His not the guy to blame here. Yes, he shouldn’t have been there and performed. As any local artists cannot do it and it’s illegal at the moment. However, it is not his fault. This is the lack of control or safeguards, as someone has made it possible and that is not the venue’s fault either. They have most likely gotten a yes and that’s why it all happened in peace. That’s why there was no tear-gas, no disruptive police interference or havoc at the concert. No, it was all cool 24 hours ago.

Well, this is foolish. It is not the right act. They are pinning the wrong people and not looking into the indifference of the ones sanctioning it and profiting from it. There was someone who allowed it and made it happen. These are not behind bars or answering for the concert. That is what is needed. Peace.

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