Bobi Wine blocked from accessing hotels in Nwoya district

Tonight as many other nights. The Police Force are blocking the gateway or the entrance into a district or town. As Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had scheduled a rally in Nwoya town, which didn’t happen. Neither the accommodations in Nwoya as well.

Again the District Police Commander blocking the roads and ability for the campaign to pass. Also, the Residential District Commander Beatrice Akole not allowing them. As they have used tear-gas and ammunition. They have even hurt a citizen by doing so.

Another day, another injustice served in the manner, which is disgraceful and distasteful. As the campaign of Bobi Wine is hit with new hurdles everyday. It doesn’t matter where he goes or what he does. The trouble comes to him and aimed at his people. His guards and associates are charged with foolish charges. Spending time behind bars, while the culprit behind the state sanctioned violence are let of the hook.

The NUP convoy and caravan is blocked from accessing venues, but also hotels. This is the latest edition of this. After another long day for the Presidential Candidate. As his blocked to get access to hotel, yet again.

These authorities have no scruples and no care. Not even give a man a shelter and a few hours on the eye. No, they letting him sleep roadside and telling him to move-on to the next district. Like they are likely to house him. This just show the despicable acts of this government. The continued impunity and misuse of power. Peace.

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