Opinion: Bobi Wine shouldn’t go too Yellow

NUP Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Bobi Wine has asked the people of Koboko to vote for NRM’s Dr. Charles Ayume as Koboko Municipality MP, saying that he has been following him for some long time and he is a good person” (91.8. Boona FM, 08.12.2020).

Just mere days after he anointed Rebecca Kadaga, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) loyalist and two term Speaker of the Parliament in Kamuli district. He has now in Koboko vouched for Dr. Charles Ayume.

Yes, he does this deliberately and yes it’s sending the wrong message. Yes, his peers and allies say he vouches for independents and FDC candidates too. Because, the National Unity Platform (NUP) isn’t able to field candidates for MP everywhere.

However, this political gambit is only limiting the space between him and the President. The change his supposed to happen. Yes, some can say this is a sign of unity and working together. Nevertheless, has the NRM worked that together? They have only worked to weaken the opposition and their parties!

That’s why the Democratic Party (DP) and Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) have made arrangements and had their MPs taken by the NRM. These have been in cabinet positions as members of the other parties. Still, after a term they have gone yellow. So, it is all beneficial for the NRM.

Now that Bobi Wine is speaking well of NRM. He is initially vouching for the incumbent by doing this. He can speak well and endorse whoever he pleases. The message he sends by doing it isn’t all about unity, but more a mixed message.

As he speak of delivering the removal of the dictator, but accepting his comrades and vouching for them. The ones who are abiding the dictator and being vocal supporters. These folks are working for the party and for the President. Therefore, cheering them on isn’t a good look.

Even if the NUP or the allies aren’t able to field candidates in the districts his holding rallies and campaigning in. Since, the opposition and NUP has a disadvantage from the get-go. They have less time, less resources and structures to compete. They cannot canvass or organize without meeting the Police or the army. Therefore, the opposition are bound to fail and lose by mere participating.

Now, we know this and the NRM has rigged the game this way. That still doesn’t justify and gives reasons for him to support NRM candidates. Because, if his removing the bead. He should also seek to remove the system that keeps it alive. The MPs and the candidates beneath the President is enablers and the ones keeping it at bay. They are interested in seeing NRM succeed and not seeing Bobi Wine winning. Feel me?

The ideals of Dr. Ayume might be fine. We all enjoyed to see Hon. Anite loose in the primaries. However, that isn’t enough to give him credit. His still apart of the unholy alliance of people sucking up and abiding the principals of the dictatorship. Have a hard time seeing this making a difference.

The only thing this does is to spark confusion and also wondering how deep his will of change is. Which it shouldn’t be… it is unnecessary and only causes “propaganda” victories for the NRM. As they are seeing the rising star is endorsing their candidates. That is not the look he intends or are interested in.

Mr. Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi … please for the love of God not support men like these. Then your tricked by the hustle of Tinkasmire and others who only uses the NUP and People Power as meal-tickets. These folks are only getting the bashing glory, but singing songs with Jajja/Bosco/Mzee at the first given moment. They are even awaiting their next envelope and suit. That is what they does…

Be smart and think ahead. These cheap stunts will not cover in the long run. Its a Segway, but not a solution. It is giving gifts to the dictator and he doesn’t deserve a damn thing. Peace.

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