Opinion: Diet-Mbabazi better chill [addressing Lt. Gen. Tumukunde]

I am not being properly covered in the media. I’m told some people think I am not serious. If there was no rigging, I would show you that I have the capacity to move votes” – Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde in Lira City on the 7th December 2020

In the 2016 General Election the National Resistance Movement (NRM) member and Independent Candidate Amama Mbabazi went through the elections. Mbabazi had a flair for the theatrics and made a big name for himself in the headlines. As he challenged the President first within the party and later as an Independent through the Pressure Group – Go Forward and as the Presidential Candidate for the Opposition Coalition – The Democratic Alliance (TDA).

This year and campaign Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde is running his own campaign called Renewed Uganda (RU). He tried to become the Presidential Candidate in a smaller party, but they ditched his chances.

Tumukunde might cry about media coverage. However, his not as important as Bobi Wine, Mugisha Muntu or Patrick Amuriat Oboi. These have more of candidate. The Lt. Gen. is just getting the traction of his character and his candidacy. The media is just covering him as much as his relevance.

Henry will not hit the headlines or be the big-shot. The man might think because of his ego that his more important than he really is. Since, the man might think … his as vital and in the conversation as he was in government. However, compared to other opposition candidates. His not stirring the conversation or getting the relevance.

Tumukunde can act like a big shot, but he isn’t at this point of time. This man is just another one. One in a crowd and his message isn’t pertinent. The man better chill and take it easy.

Henry should consider his way of portraying himself. Tumukunde thinks that his still a Minister and one of the loyal assets of the President. However, his a light version of Mbabazi. A man looking like his defying the crown. When his really not doing it.

This diet version of Amama isn’t going anywhere. His just fishing for a position post-Election time. Another meal-ticket politician thinking his all of that. However, this campaign only shows that his not all that and only would have a slot if his loyalty to the kingpin pays-off.

It is because of his years of loyalty. That’s why his not really an opponent, but yet another candidate that will enter the fold when he gets a chance. Peace.

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