Bobi Wine blocked from accessing hotels in Maracha and Arua

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have held campaigns in three district in Northern Uganda today. After a long day he travelled to Maracha, where the authorities would not allow him to enter or go to the hotels as scheduled. This meant he drove for one and half hour to Arua town instead. However, there another RDC have blocked him from entering town and access a resting place for the night.

This is happening again and again. The state is making Bobi Wine suffer on the road. As they are not allowing him to seek shelter at night and get proper rest. This would never happen to the President or any of his huge entourage.

There is no law that prohibits Bobi Wine from sleeping in these hotels across the Republic. This is just injustice and impunity served day- and night. The National Unity Platform Presidential Candidate is blocked from venues, roads and whatnot during the day. And at night his blocked from accessing hotels.

If you ever believe in democracy the National Resistance Movement (NRM) way. Your not believing in democracy, liberty and justice at all. Since that is all selective and only for the anointed ones in movement. Not for the ones outside who is opposing it. Which an democratic state would have accepted. Nevertheless, that isn’t the vision of the Self-Styled President for life.

That is why Bobi Wine is blocked from accessing hotels in Arua tonight. Just like he has been in Mbale and elsewhere too. It is just becoming the norm that his not allowed to sleep in a bed at night. That is apparently illegal and the state better come equipped with the laws, statutes and the reasoning behind it. Because, it doesn’t make sense. The pre-emptive strike against the man is just vicious and filled with malice. There is no justification for this. Only slow torture and suffering as his on the road campaigning.

The NRM cannot defend this. They will and they do. However, they would not wish to have this treatment on their own. If they did, they would cry havoc and cry crocodile tears. As they know this is wrong and is impunity. Peace.

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