Ethiopia: Unconfirmed reports of the arrests of TPLF President Debretsion and Advisor Reda

BREAKING : Tigray state president Debretsion Gebremichael reportedly captured alive along with other senior aides during a joint operation by the Ethiopian Military and Amhara Regional State Paramilitary Forces in the conflict hit Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia” (Halgan Media, 06.12.2020).

Unconfirmed reports on social media TPLF leader Debretsion is arrested but Amhara Goverment office advising to not celebrate since the arrest is not confirmed and official yet” (Addis Media, 06.12.2020).

There also reports that Getachew Reda was also arrested with the TPLF President Debretsion as they we’re fleeing the area in Sekota as priests. Some has said the Woreda Communications have confirmed this and that they are held by the Court Martial.

However, none of this information is currently verified. It is not yet clear. The Media blackout and government stranglehold on information. Makes the process of gathering information from the Region of Tigray much harder. Therefore, we can not yet say if this is true or not.

It would be a big blow for the TPLF. Losing main leaders and getting them behind bars. These folks will get no mercy from the Federal Government. As they will be proven “terrorists” in their eyes and will not shown any redeeming character. They will be taken and shown as an example for the rest of the Republic.

This would be a big victory for the Prime Minister and the Prosperity Party. If these two are arrested and other aides of the TPLF President Debretsion. The TPLF will be damaged by this. We don’t know how this goes for the Command Structure and the current fighting in the Region.

If these folks are arrested. It is a propaganda victory. Nevertheless, I doubt it will be enough to cease the fighting and the current battles in the region. Peace.

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