Hennessey Tales Part III: Sonko’s Final Episode

Governor Mbuvi Gideon Kioko Wam aka Mike Sonko has now been impeached and is awaiting the senate for a further verdict and a final vote. The Nairobi governor is no in real trouble. Not that its new. He has even signed off parts of the local government to Nairobi Metropolitan Services, which the governor did while he was drunk (allegedly).

So, now the man who gave away Hennessey to the citizens in the care-package from the County Government during the lockdown. This man is now in trouble and could be out of office. That vote is scheduled to happen in early 2021. So, he will have Christmas to redeem himself. However, don’t expect that after the Nairobi City County Assembly voted him out.

Not like Governor Sonko haven’t made his own bed. The man who is known for fleeing from prison and having a shady history. Still, he was able to flex and capable to run for office. Surely, the wealth and the suction has given him an edge. However, he played on the edge of a cliff and now his free falling. Not a good look…

Sonko is already questioned for corruption scandals and misuse of office. The man has already acted without good judgement with signing of parts of his local government to the NMS. This was giving way to the State House and making Sonko less relevant in his own county.

The governor of Nairobi could have acted with finesse and better. Nevertheless, his usually showing arrogance and grandeur. Showing of his chains, clothes and bling, but not doing anything useful in office.

Sonko is the wannabe rapper turned governor. The Governor wants so badly to be the centre of the attention. However, that isn’t what his elected to be. His supposed to serve the county and make it better for its citizens. Ensure the government and state organizations are working smoothly and delivering government services. Nevertheless, that has never been important for Sonko.

He rather act like a big-man, talk like a big-man and dance around like a big-man. The Governor will go down in history as a incompetent and corrupt individual. Not that it’s new or shocking. Previous Nairobi governors been that too and they have been charged after their term in office.

Sonko aimed at the sky and aimed at the thone. He went after the ones who is ruling supreme. That wasn’t acceptable and therefore, he had to fall.

It was Sonko’s turn… Governor Sonko better plead to the State House and the inner-circle in the Jubilee Party. However, I doubt that will happen. Sonko better get his load of Hennessey and drink out his sorrow. Peace.

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