Opinion: Kenyatta there is no free lunch

We thank the officers of the United Nations and all development partners who have been close collaborators but at this juncture I must make it clear that while we appreciate your support and look forward to your collaboration you must remember that Kenya has its owners, and its owners are 50 million Kenyans, I ask you to refrain from trying to direct us in which way we should go. We are clear on where we want to go. We ask you to join us, to support us in that endeavor. But do not interfere because we shall not allow for you to dictate to us which direction that should be” – President Uhuru Kenyatta on the 4th December 2020

The idea that President Kenyatta comes with, I understand the sentiment and the ideal of acting as a sovereign and act as an independent state. As the Head of State … Kenyatta knows this too. The state his running is dependent on donations and aid. That is well known, as well as most of development expenditure is using foreign funds.

That’s why when you receive other people’s money and from foreign organizations. There will be strings attached to that money. The state who receives that money has to comply to a set of rules, regulations and deliver reports on the spending. This is happening because the state took the money and after that they have to prove the value for money.

Someone like Kenyatta should know this. The United Nations, Multi-Nationals and Foreign Donors are not doling the money out without any strings. This means that if the Kenyan state takes the money. They have to comply with the stipulations of the funds or the direction which they were intended to be spent.

If Kenyatta wants the state to be fully independent and sovereign he shouldn’t accept the money. The man shouldn’t even take the grants, donations or the development funds if they are putting strings on his actions.

President Kenyatta shouldn’t be dependent on it then. If you take other people’s money … there will expectations and directions coming with it. Yes, the Kenyan state is sovereign and can self rule. However, when you take funds to cover deficits and create development projects. These funds will steer the conversation, as these monies aren’t given out for F-R-E-E.

So, if Kenyatta doesn’t want to be told how to spend. Then he should add his own state revenue and tax-base so that he doesn’t have act out like this.

President Kenyatta there is no free lunch. You expect that money grow on trees and just get dropped in your hands. That’s not happening… Kenyatta, better buckle up and smell the coffee. Since, the reality is that the state can grow on its own. However, then you should stop the dependency of foreign donors. If you want to steer the ship without anyone telling you the direction. Peace.

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