Bobi Wine blocked from accessing hotels in Mbale

After his first day on the road. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is officially undermined and blocked from doing his campaigning.

As the National Unity Platform convoy was coming too Mbale after campaigning in three nearby districts. Where the Presidential Candidate had seeked lodging for the night. The District Police Commander Abraham Asiimwe is blocking Bobi Wine into town.

Bobi Wine is stuck on the North Road accessing town or any hotels for the night. As he has travelled across three districts earlier in the day.

This is clearly another signal how far the authorities are taking it. As they are using all means to weaken and block the man. They are not even letting him rest his head before another day of campaigning.

The NUP Presidential Candidate had booked himself into Masaba Hill Top Hotel at Republic Street in Mbale. Alas, his not allowed to access that one at this current time. The roads are blocked for him to enter by the DPC and the Police Force.

This is the sort of game the authorities and the Police Force are doing. Certainly, there is no law that justifies this or any proper justification. Only that’s it’s retribution for his courage to stand up to the President and challenge him.

Bobi Wine is a target and the state uses all means to assault and attack him viciously. This is not the first nor the last time he will struggle to find a place of refuge or rest for the night. No, these people in-charge got no heart or care for rule of law. These people only follows orders and wants to soldiers of impunity. As there is no law that can be used for these pre-emptive and acts of injustice. Which is served Bobi Wine today in Mbale. Peace.

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