Bobi Wine on the road again

This time Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have taken care of himself. He has gotten a new security detail. However, his also wearing bulletproof vest and a helmet on the campaign trail as he was heading for Kibuku, Budaka and Manafwa districts today after ceasing campaigns for a day and having a meeting with the Electoral Commission.

Seemingly, the Police Force haven’t acted as brutal and stopped the campaign of yet. Still, there have been tear-gas and other measures in place in Kubuku district. We don’t know what is happening in Budaka or Manafwa district yet.

Bobi Wine himself states: “We have been able to reach and address our people in Kibuku. Like it has become the norm on our campaign trail, the regime militia again tear gassed us along the way and even shot a tear gas canister into our ambulance injuring two of our nurses in it! It’s a pity the brutality we face! Our next stop is Budaka and later on Manafwa” (Bobi Wine 03.12.2020).

Today’s story is far from finished and God knows what the authorities has in stall for the NUP Convoy. But we know they will answer somehow. Maybe even parlay for a day, but this moment of peace will be short. It is not like this will last.

Bobi Wine knows this and so should his supporters. There will be besieged arenas, closed radio stations and whatnot. The Police Force isn’t ceasing their activities. That is not happening. Have little faith that they will cooperate and make things at ease.

No, they are just buying time before the they set-off a fuse again. Don’t be shocked but expect more hurdles to come. These folks are relentless, and it is only a matter of time. Peace.

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