Opinion: Mr. Museveni you have achieved to keep the Republic poor

You may say it is politics but politics without God is failure and God commands us to accept the truth. If you see people who can’t accept facts you feel sorry for them”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Saturday 21st November 2020

I know this is a story, which you will never tell or any of your apologists. You easily take credit for small treats and achievements. Like they are so magnificent. However, deep inside your heart and mind. You know you have failed. Because, all the issues that was there when you came to office. Is there now, but the difference is that you let it happen.

You can speak game of numbers, but we all know the fact. If it wasn’t for donor money or loans. The Government of Uganda would struggle to run. Since, the tax-base is bare minimum and the average citizen isn’t benefiting from your reign. They are still living in poverty, in a gig-economy and living hand-to-mouth. That is something you cannot deny, but you will deflect that.

The state is living in infamy. You are seeking another term. Your 8 term and has little to show from it. Other than an excessive patronage, a cult following and tribal appointments within the armed forces. Your government is corrupt, the deals with investors and back-channels is done in secrecy and God knows how much your earning on every transaction. Therefore, the truth is dire and a truth you will never reveal.

The county is running in a cycle of debt. As you are issuing new loans to cover the old ones. Which will be a bill for the future generations to pay. Who knows of the oil money will even be able to spend, as the state as has cough up dough to pay creditors with interests. If not sell assets and lose enterprises and infrastructure that is generating income to cover the collateral damage.

You want to speak well about a few roads and bridges. That is because the education, the economy and everything is tired. It is in fatigue, the state cannot even pay salaries for most of its civil servants in November and December. Still, you are speaking of achievements. Mr. President, you cannot even stomach the basics. How dare you expect the opposition to glorify you?

The government who was supposed to deliver radios, food and other supplies during the lockdowns, but bearly did that. Only a few small runs of supplies and then it couldn’t stomach it. That just shows how much the governments or are capable of delivering to the ones in need. The only way the public could have gotten it during lockdown would be if a UN Organization or NGOs went together with donors to spread the needed food and goods. Alas, that didn’t happen, because the state doesn’t have the capability or ability to this. Not even after 35 years governing, having Disaster Preparedness and Management under the office of the Prime Minister.

Now NRM has been here for 34 years and so much has been achieved. The changes and stability we have had must have a reason behind it” – Museveni, 21.11.2020

Mr. President you can speak of stability, but a stability for who? For you it has been stable. You have gotten planes, choppers, military outfits and eaten of the government plate. However, the public isn’t feeling that. A small elite is eating with you and cheering you on. Nevertheless, the majority of the general public is hurting. While you want to credit for their steady hurt and your schemes aren’t working.

We know you and your party is the reason behind it. A party and president that is living on the poverty of others. Using it to get donors, but not building institutions strong enough to shelter and make it possible to come out of it. Because, if they did and became like that. They wouldn’t need your leadership and wouldn’t be forced to subscribe to your message. Alas, that is default setting you have put in place. As long as this game continues. As long as you can be the Lord of Poverty. There will be no real substantial change. Only a few nice glossy stories. However, the reality will remain the same.

If you would have achieved something. Then you wouldn’t need to borrow money to build roads after 30 years in office. No, you would have created a bigger market and opportunities for the general public. Which had created the tax-base to actually pay for these roads. Alas, that you haven’t created or made possible.

It seems like you never intended too. As you are more concern with your pocket, than with the pockets of others. Peace.

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