6 Briefcase parties supports Museveni

Under the “six friendly political parties” alliance, the leaders told journalists in Kampala that the decision to back the NRM candidate was not for selfish financial gains as they may be perceived, but to ensure their own growth. The political parties are; the Liberal Democratic Transparency (LDT), Revolutionary People’s Party (RPP), People’s United Movement (PUM), National Peasants’ Party (NPP), Green Partisan Party (GPP) and Society for Peace and Development (SDP)” (Nelson Kiva – ‘Opposition parties back Museveni’ 20.11.2020, New Vision).

In the midst of riots and demonstrations, the state and ruling regime needs to show that it has support from a wide spectrum of people. This is why the New Vision came with an article showing that six parties are under the banner of the President. That is done to show solidarity to the project of the President.

The ones taking serious… well, it is not a big deal. Mukasa Zaidi of LDT , if you wonder who he is. Well, your not alone. The party is most known for using AL-Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala as the Presidential Candidate in 2016. Other than that … I cannot think of anything it has done.

The same can be said RPP’s Kaswabuli Joshua Clinton who started the party in 2014 to oust Museveni. Now 6 years later is supporting the man they supposed work against. Ironic, right?

After that you PUM’s Shadrack Ogemba is supporting Museveni this year, but that’s not something. Since, the party haven’t fielded an Presidential Candidate ever. As even back to 2006 they went behind the President and his camapaign.

Also, the NPP who was registered in 2004 and is represented with Segujja Wamala. NPP is like PUM who has supported the President since 2006. Not really been established or done anything significant.

You have GPP and Sentongo Muzafalu who was registered in 2010. If you haven’t heard about the party. I don’t blame you. It is a fringes and has nearly no wordings anywhere. So, throwing behind the President now. Makes sense… as they are not really anywhere.

Last party is the SDP who is the represented by Charles Adiaka. Who was registered in 2006. There is really nothing to mention about this party either.

So, when you see the NRM celebrates these ones. You know its all brief-case parties. It is not worthy of your time. It is really nothing to celebrate. These parties have no real structure or fan-base, supporters or people behind them. They are less relevant than many of the Presidential Candidates who runs as Independents. That says it all. Peace.

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