Bobi Wine is on bail: Thou his not yet free

I’m not here because I committed a crime. I’m here because I offered myself to lead Ugandans into ending 35 years of dictatorship” Robert Kyagulanyi in trial at Iganga Magistrate Court (20.11.2020)

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine is now on a non-cash bail after the arrest in Luuka district on the 18th November 2020. After 48 hours he was taken to court and is now officially charged by the authorities. This is as scheduled and has been done to opposition leaders plenty of times. Especially, the ones that gains popularity and recognition beyond what the President is ever getting.

Bobi Wine is a man that hits a nerve with the President and his men. His a man who has the ability to strike a cord with the youth, the unemployed and beyond the ghettos of Kampala and Wakiso district. This man is feared by them and this is why they are punishing him everytime they can.

That is why he was after 2 days detained at Nalufenya Police Station. He was sent to Iganga Magistrate Court to be charged and released on this bail. This means the case will linger and be used when the authorities needs it. Just like old cases has haunted other opposition leaders in the midsts of campaigns. While the state never release any evidence or affidavits to fit the charges. They are still prolonging the cases indefinitely. It is like they never end. As long as they have gotten touched by the state. It will follow you no matter where you go.

The Uganda Police Force will be on his tail. Whatever units they have will follow him. The Internal Security Organization (ISO) will monitor him. The Special Force Command (SFC) will be after him too. Everyone will try to pin something on him. The Regional Police Commanders and Residential District Commanders will also make life hard for Bobi Wine and the National Unity Platform.

That is why Police Spokesperson Fred Enaga is coming out with a Press Statement and a Presser too. Where he shows evidence and calls the NUP to action for the riots and demonstrations. While not taking any accountability for having men shooting at civilians and issuing tear-gas at any given moment. The authorities never does anything wrong, but always the opposition. They will never look into the reasons for why the official death-toll of 37. While it wouldn’t be shocking to speculate that the actual numbers are much worse. Because, there is some who isn’t considered and some whose never reported. However, the state would never ever take credit or see this. They want the numbers to be as low as possible, instead of dropping the actual truth.

This is why we know Bobi Wine isn’t free, neither are his associates or anyone else around him. They are a criminal enterprise in the eyes of the state and all their institution. They have targeted the NUP and everything associated with it since the inception and beginning of it. This is why people have been arrested for wearing berets, red-clothes and merchandise from the party. The police have crack-down and raided the offices of the party.

The recent action is just amping it up and showing violent force against it. Bobi Wine will not be free. Neither will the ones around him. They are in the aim of the state and it is ruthless. It isn’t free or fair, it is injustice and impunity. However, that is what they subscribe too.

We could wish and be more hopeful. However, his just on bail. They will arrest him again. They will use force and arbitrary arrest him. Bobi Wine will get into jeopardy and pay a hefty price. The ones supporting him. Will be degraded to hoodlums and hooligans. The state will give retribution, because the correct line is only to have one master and that is Museveni. Peace.

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